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Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. The two women are a study in contrasts: Kate is tightly wound and controlled, while Bec, a college student and aspiring singer/songwriter, is an emotional mess who can barely manage her chaotic life. Uncertain about her future, taking on a job out of her comfort zone, and personal growth through the experience seemed reasonable and added a layer of depth to a story that already consists of heavy topics and material. Bec agrees, on the condition that Kate promises to accept a compliment. is 2 Short Summaries. Such moments as when Kate asks to hold a friend's newborn baby with disastrous results prove intensely harrowing, even as she finds a newfound emotional looseness in response to her aide's free-spirited attitude towards life. We know life happens, so if something comes up, you can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime. I liked that. I stayed up well into the night to finish this book. Beca is a college student at UW Madison who basically hates college and is kind of a slug, she doesn't shower or change her clothes all that often and she is having an affair with a married teaching assistant. No one could read this book and not be moved to feel, to think, to hope for more from author Michelle Wildgen. I was horrified that this would be framed as anything but despicable - a woman had a fatal degenerative disease, and her husband can't keep it in his pants until she dies, and yet somehow it's the woman with the disease that's being unreasonable and overreacting. The movie ends with Bec finally meeting with Will, a nice boy who has been pursuing her, and performing at the club without suffering from stage fright. [Their relationship becomes even closer after Kate kicks her husband out for having an affair. This book about a college student who cares for a woman with Lou Gehrig's disease is not altogether realistic, but is nonetheless very touching in parts. Warning: this is not a light read, as it addresses terminal, progressive illness and how the afflicted and the spouse must deal with the stark realities forced upon them. Start by marking “You're Not You” as Want to Read: Error rating book. The film stars Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel. I admit that she did change Bec's life but no more than any other employer or boss. I expected Kate to be a better-developed character with a more profound lesson to teach. The film stars Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel. Yet, when Bec takes a job assisting Kate, just as Kate’s marriage to Evan (Josh Duhamel) hits the skids, both women come to rely on what becomes an unconventional, sometimes confrontational and fiercely honest bond. The relationship between these two women far outweighs any of the other relationships of the book.

How can she untangle the spider's web she and Kate have cast around themselves? Self-conscious and increasingly uncertain about her long-term plans, she’s studying a major that no longer interests her and is caught up in a bewildering affair with a married professor. Later that night, Kate convinces Bec to access Evan's laptop and they find out that Evan had an affair with his secretary, Cynthia. Does the book really end almost in mid-thought, or should I try to find myself a hard copy? Those parts left me marking pages with the intention of testing them out for myself. Editor: Jeffrey Wolf when you purchase 3 participating Suave products 9/1-10/31 at Walmart or But as her employer's physical condition quickly deteriorates and her marriage begins to fall apart under the resultant strain, Bec becomes a fierce advocate and devoted companion, discovering a sense of responsibility that she never knew she had. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter

Over time, the personal lives of all the characters go through transformations and upheavals, all while Kate's health continues to decline. Meet the Epic and Awesome Authors of Fall's Big Fantasy Novels. You Are Not So Smart collects 48 of them – all of them interesting, most of them working in a counter-intuitive manner. Early developments in YOU'RE NOT YOU's plot -- i.e., Kate hiring the unqualified Bec, and Bec's rebirth as a compassionate caretaker -- feel forced and unbelievable. I really enjoyed this book. Offers reading group guides containing a brief summary and discussion questions written by the publisher.

Bec finds Kate at the top of the stairs after a suicide attempt where Kate had almost let herself fall down a flight of stairs. She seems to have a loving husband (Evan) who is caring for her with help from friends, and now from a young college student, Bec, as well. 344 votes . If you love the fantasy genre, this is the season for you! So many times I would stop and think, "If only I could write like this." I expected Kate to be a better-developed character with a more profound lesson to teach. Some of the biggest books out this fall promise to be epics full of magic, adventure,... College student Bec is dangerously adrift. Makes one think about a whole other side of ALS. You're Not You is a 2014 American drama film directed by George C. Wolfe and written by Jordan Roberts and Shana Feste, based on a novel of the same name by Michelle Wildgen. This densely written novel is worth every minute spent reading it. I know that I could never, in a review, completely describe the beauty and intensity of the words and plot, but I can tell you this is a book not to be missed. You're Not You (2014) Plot Summary (2) A drama centered on a classical pianist who has been diagnosed with ALS and the brash college student who becomes her caregiver. However, Bec soon finds herself enmeshed in Kate's life doing practically anything and everything for her, giving up her friends and herself in the process. I had somehow missed You're Not You when it was published in 2006, but am so glad I discovered it eleven years later. Production designer: Aaron Osborne Bec briefly talks to Kate's "best friends" who tell her to tell Kate that they love her, miss her, and are here for her. I thought it was a great read and would recommend it for sure. FACEBOOK Eventually, Kate splits up with Evan due to his brief affair, as well as her wanting not to be invisible after receiving a brief and angry pep talk by Bec. Enjoyed local Oconomowoc setting & the book. Evan visits the house again, but Kate and Bec turn him away again. Director of photography: Steven Fierberg I read a LOT of books, and I'm not abo. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published 1.

I don't know what to say to that except I strongly disagree. Wikipedia - You're Not You Offers quick summary / overview and other basic information submitted by Wikipedia contributors who considers themselves "experts" in the topic at hand. Does it get so close that Bec makes bad decisions she will regret forever or does it make her stronger and more solid in her convictions. Beca is a college student at UW Madison who basically hates college and is kind of a slug, she doesn't shower or change her clothes all that often and she is having an affair with a married teaching assistant. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO.

by As strippingly honest as Ethan Hawke with the simple elegance of Kent Haruf and a touch of Jennifer Weiner's wit. movie theaters are playing You're Not You near you. In an impulsive attempt to redeem herself, she answers a want ad seeking a caregiver.

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