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At best, you’ll be told to use a different support channel. I submitted my drivers license but they’re still saying they’re going to delete my account. Has your problem been solved? Twitter ID *Please Enter a Twitter Username Such a shame that Twitter doesn’t have a really working reliable way to quickly contact them and resolve any Twitter related problem. At last report, this is 415-222-9670. LinkedIn has something called the Sales Navigator, which is a free plugin for Gmail. The trouble is, it’s difficult to find an email address from a Twitter account alone. Try contacting Amazon, TalkTalk or….Twitter. Have been using my Twitter account daily for past 8 months. on the left. All too often, though, this situation leads to frustration. Once it has been deleted, re-install it as a new account using your existing address, email address and password. Chances are if you’re not a Fortune 500 company, you aren’t going to get the time of day from Twitter through this address. My guess is that they don’t care to help people. Hi Beccah! If you’re going to harvest email addresses, be careful in how you use them. I once had a twitter account. They won’t allow me to do one single thing. The third email address is 4. Step 2. I can’t imagine they’ll be able to help you. Your Advertisement on Twitter Ads was Denied: Now What? Tell everyone to not buy Twitter ads until they fix the damn “media could not be played” problem. I am experiencing the same problem. After posting some beautiful pictures of Jupiter from nasa my organic tweets show up as sensitive and cannot be seen by my followers. Any resolution? I am getting the same loop. Visit Their Other Social Profiles. is a contact prospecting app that does a lot of what I’ve talked about above, but automatically. Did you resolve it?! By using, you agree to our Terms and our Privacy Policy. Ideally, there will be a commonly accepted, easy to implement solution that works, and you can go on with your life. They put a little lock on my account, I imagine because someone didn’t like what I said. Save hundreds of dollars from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ads and let us grow your profile for a fraction of the cost! I’m told don’t I dare try to start a new account. Web forums are some of the best resources for aggregated contact information out there. The second downside is that there’s no way to search directly from a Twitter handle. Twitter suspended me over a month ago. I have been trying to get in my Twitter but it says I have been doing unusual activity I don’t even know what I did wrong and my email isn’t even right? Can’t DM them, review, or deactivate my account. Even if it doesn’t have their email address, it might have other pieces of information that might be just as likely to lead you to where you want to be. Clicking to report a problem takes me to a form where I can specify the type of notification – Push, SMS, Email, or Web – the location of where I experience the issue, the description, and means of contacting me. I submitted another form but I’m so frustrated. My account apparently is locked and Twitter is not accepting my actual phone number to let me unlock it. Their username on that forum could be something else, though, like WildDragon51. @graham_simms:disqus Did you eventually receive a reply and if so, after how many days ? I’ve contacted them at least 15 times just asking if suspended how long, or if I’m terminated just let me know. Any ideas what I can do? Obviously, whether or not they give it to you depends on what you’re offering, who you are, and whether or not they want to give out their contact info. I decide to expand my scope to all forms of Twitter contact. If you’re a brand trying to solicit email addresses for your mailing list, you’ll have a much worse success rate than if you’re a private individual offering coupons or what have you. The thing is, they sort by sender. I will continue “the series” by explaining how to find the Twitter ID from an email addresses. If they do not, don’t submit another ticket! For example, you can feed it a list of 100 Twitter usernames, and it will dig around looking for the user’s name, Facebook, LinkedIn, email address, and more. In fact, though the method requires several steps to follow, the process will discover the Twitter IDs for ~500 email addresses at a time. Maybe they will help forward a support message on, or maybe not; I don’t rightly know. Sometimes they don’t have the same username across different social networks. below. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find someone else who has experienced your problem, and who has an existing support thread on a site like Stack Exchange, MajorGeeks, or another support board. My twitter app does not work on my IPhone. 1. There are other numbers listed, but this is the current most highly recommended option. Apparently the writer is correct they put you in the back of the line or just say to (*&^ with this person and wont give you the info you need. You can also learn twitter profile color combinations here.

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