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The contestant lost the game if the total of the incorrect guesses made before finding the two correct prices equaled 100 pennies or more.

The top prize from September 27, 1978[citation needed] to October 1, 2008[citation needed] was $10,000, with $50 as the lowest amount on the board. The contestant must use the concealed X to form three X’s in a row using X’s earned by identifying the prices of small prizes. Pricing games are featured on the current version of the American game show The Price Is Right.

So, while The Price Is Right will go without an audience, no games are being sacrificed. If the climber falls off the cliff, the game ends and the contestant wins only the small prizes he/she had priced before the fall occurred. Hitting a Zonk forfeited the money, but the contestant could continue the game if he/she had any spins left. The combination of shopping savvy and golfing skills needed to succeed at this game means that it is never dull, and even a contestant who has studied all of the prices of items usually on offer by TPIR obsessively won't be guaranteed a win. Selecting one incorrect pair of digits allows the contestant to choose again from the remaining two cars in that group, but a second mistake ends the game. . Doug Davidson referred to the climber on The New Price Is Right as Hans Gudegast, which is the birth name of his Young and the Restless co-star Eric Braeden. The contestant won the prize if the price he or she painted matched its actual price. Three of the keys correspond to one prize lock each, one will open none of the locks, and one (the "Master Key") opens all three.

After the wheel was set in motion, the contestant rolled a ball down a chute so that it bounced around the wheel and eventually settled into one of the 12 sections. then attempted to add features from a list of nine options that would increase the price of the first car to within $100 of the price of the second car without going over.

The contestant played blackjack against the house, trying to get as close to 21 as possible without going over (busting).

He or she then pulls a lever to adjust a "magic number" on a display so that it falls between the two prices. Choosing the overpriced item deducted that difference from the bank. If incorrect, the contestant continued guessing until a correct guess was made or time ran out. Retired: May 18, 1973 (#0375D, aired out-of-order on June 15, 1973, redesignated as #0422D). In order to win the car, the contestant must roll a car on all five dice within their allotted number of rolls. You can either walk away with a car, or with barely enough to cover the cost of a cheap meal at the deli down the street. [67], This game is played on a giant tic-tac-toe board with a secret X hidden in the center column. The contestant had to select all five correct digits in any order to win the car. Come on down! Even if the overpriced item was chosen, it was always mathematically possible to win the game by selecting three products with the largest differences below the actual prices. By far the worst game on The Price Is Right (henceforth referred to as TPIR).There are literally two prices given for a prize and the contestant just has to … The contestant had a chance to win up to three large prizes by rolling balls up a skee ball ramp. The accurate sounds, fun pricing games, and great graphics make for a surprisingly real game. If the contestant was incorrect, both the guessed product and the correct product were removed from play and that particular cash award was lost. You can also play The Price is Right unblocked. A painting of a prize was shown to the contestant. The contestant calls out digits one at a time, revealing them in the prices of the prizes on the gameboard, and wins the first prize whose price is completely revealed.

When the 1972 version of the show premiered, many games did not have official names which were used on the air. "Range Game" – During Big Money Week, a second $50 range was placed in the middle of $150 range. The contestant wins the prize if he or she chooses the correct price. Puzzle Games It was retired because the producers deemed that the trivia part of the game did not fit in with the rest of the game. After being shown the car, the contestant was presented with four possible prices. Additionally, beginning in 1983 (coinciding with the addition of a starting bid), aces can be made any positive value the contestant chooses. The contestant writes a blank check for an amount of their choosing. The actual prices were then revealed, one at a time. This game was retired because contestants were becoming less familiar with the playing of Blackjack making the game more and more confusing as time went on. It's like the scales of justice, except instead of human rights and freedom and all that, it's about lackluster vacations to overpriced resort towns.

"1/2 Off" – A contestant who found the $25,000 could either quit or risk it for a chance at the bonus.

If the sum of the prices of the prizes the contestant kept was equal to or greater than the sum of the prices of the prizes they gave away, the contestant won a larger prize. The game itself probably deserves to be a tad bit lower on this list — it's just a matter of choosing which given price is more below the actual retail price.

Some of the names below are unofficial or assigned by the production staff. But there's something about that fact — the idea that this is a special moment that comes around rarely, so it should be cherished — that is utterly endearing. If the contestant tries for the car and has the correct price, he or she wins everything.

By choosing one prize from each pair in the order they were presented, the contestant attempted to "trade up" from that initial prize and create a sequence of four prizes in ascending order of price. But then the reality of the game appeared to me as I grew older. The contestant may then use any remaining time to make changes.

Each prize corresponds to one of four windows on a gameboard, one of which conceals the word "Bonus", and each correct guess wins the small prize and control of the window. "Punch-a-Bunch" – Three contestants were chosen, one at a time, to punch out different numbers of holes (one, two, or three, in that order).

During the episode's showcase showdown, the $1.00 bonus before the bonus spin was increased to $9,000.

More like THIS GAME IS A FLOP AMIRITE??? Two random correct prices were then revealed and the contestant was given the choice to either hold onto the $500 and leave the third marker as it was or forfeit the money and switch the marker to the originally-unselected price.

Retired: May 10, 2007 (#3984K). It involved four boxes, one of which contained the cash prize. [citation needed], The contestant must price three items within specified ranges: a grocery item priced under $10 within $1; a small prize priced under $100 within $10; and a medium prize priced under $500 within $100. [65], The original range was $50, but it was quickly increased to $100. A car and a medium prize were shown and a string of eight digits was displayed on a gameboard. What it is about watching models pull numbers up and down that is so enticing? The contestant chooses a prize and must choose the correct price from two options.

You compete until you earn three strikes.

This game was retired because Bob (after his infamous breakup with Dian) deemed the model's "bumping" the buses with their torsos was too risqué for a family show.

Aces are wild and can either be played immediately or held aside.

Australia's version of The Price is Right used this format for their Showcase round. After all five choices have been made, the host reveals the price of each item.

Step up the creativity, guys. Correct items earn you Plinko tiles. [75], The contestant is shown a base prize and three more prizes.

During the first week of Season 48 (September 23 to September 27, 2019), the first contestant to win a pricing game on each episode received a bonus prize in addition to his/her other winnings.

If the contestant selected the "Second Chance" book, the game continued, but the contestant did not win the prize with which he or she made the mistake. If the contestant fails to choose the correct price, he or she may try to win another second chance with a different prize. A variation on one of the most classic games of chance of all time, TPIR's version of this gambler's temptation throws a couple pricing questions into the mix but otherwise remains pretty similar. "Dice Game" – During Big Money Week, rolling the exact number for any digit earns the contestant a $10,000 bonus. Two cars were shown, each of the same make and model. This program was originally produced by Iplay. The actual prices were then revealed, one at a time.

The contestant is given two chances to do so.

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