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Maggie stays with Bob who treats her kindly and believes her story of what happened with Stephen. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Mill on the Floss. Maggie feels separated from both men and no longer feels any love for them. She writes a note for Philip and asks Stephen to take it to him. However, later Deane finds Tom a warehouse job. In 1851, she met George Henry Lewes. However, Tom notices and remembers their mother scolding Maggie for walking in the woods. Because both of them are without capital, Tom takes a job in a warehouse for the time being and studies bookkeeping at night. George Eliot is a pseudonym of a woman named Mary Anne Evans and her book is … Philip has a hunched back that has been present since his birth and a small stature as well as a pale face. eNotes offers a good book-by-book summary at the link below. She has come to view Philip as a “sanctuary” where she can find refuge from Stephen. Maggie weeps and thanks her. Mr. Glegg manages to convince his wife not to demand the money she has loaned her sister back and the two talk about the folly of the Tullivers as they enjoy their evening. Maggie considers her older brother, Tom her best friend and the two get along well. Maggie tells Philip that she has to leave soon for another teaching job. Maggie becomes angry but Tom manages to keep her calm. Not knowing what else to do, Tulliver stays on as an employee of his enemy, but he asks Tom to sign a statement in the Bible that he will wish the Wakems evil as long as he lives. Stephen writes Maggie a letter saying that he is back in town. Maggie tells Lucy that she is leaving town to take up her governess position. Maggie meets Philip again and tells him that they cannot meet again and he agrees but asks that she spend some time with him before leaving. Years later after that, Stephen and Lucy visit the grave together, and Philip visits alone. Lucy worries that her friend, Philip Wakem, who often visits her will not want to see Maggie. He considers himself unattractive and seems to latch on to Maggie early as she is the first woman to show him any attention. Maggie is affected by his pain, and he takes her silence as yielding and rows on. A bazaar is held in Lucy’s town at which Maggie has a stall. The Mill on the Floss Summary & Study Guide George Eliot This Study Guide consists of approximately 108 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Mill on the Floss. He tells her that she has no sensitivity for his feelings and that he is “mad with love” for her. In 1878 George Lewes died, and Mary Ann went on to marry John Cross, two years later. Maggie’s father only chuckles at this and walks away. Finally, Aunt Glegg gives Tom money, which he invests with Bob Jakin.... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this The Mill on the Floss study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. After they overcome their initial reserve, the two boys become useful to each other. When she was sixteen her mother died and Mary Ann quit school in order to keep house for her father. Tom argues with Philip who insists that he is in love with Maggie. The bailiff has already arrived to kick them out of the house. She had a sister and brother and a half sister. The women sit her down by the fire and remove her bonnet and the contents of her pockets. The novel is also an example of Victorian literature, as it... will help you with any book or any question. Tom does not want any part of her scheme, and she cuts it herself, making it look bad. The Mill on the Floss (Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction), The Mill on the Floss (Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism). Maggie becomes upset and runs up to the attic. The novel was originally published in three parts. Maggie decides to sway her mother into moving back in with Tom while she finds a way to earn a living in town. The Mosses are poor and live on little means. Lucy Deane – Maggie and Tom’s cousin. After he quarrels with her over his plans for Tom’s education, Mr. Tulliver determines to borrow the money and repay her. On the way home alone, Mr. Tulliver meets Wakem in the street, and the two get into a fight. Philip is more intelligent than Tom and thus they do not have lessons at the same time. The two go fishing out in the woods and promise that they will always be together. Mr. Wakem buys the mill but permits Mr. Tulliver to act as its manager for wages. Maggie tells him that she is too exhausted to make any decisions today and, assuming that he has won the argument, Stephen tells her that he loves her again. Returning home for the Christmas holidays, Tom learns that Philip Wakem, son of a lawyer who is his father’s enemy, is also to enter Mr. Stelling’s school. Got it! She died at the age of sixty one. The two settled into married life in Chelsea. Lucy recovers gradually, and Maggie wishes to see her but knows that it would not be welcomed. Tulliver has another spell and returns to bed. Both Tom and Maggie die together in the flood waters. . Mr. Tulliver makes the children promise never to see Philip again. He asks if Tom’s hatred of him is the only reason that they cannot marry and Maggie answers that it is. Philip is first introduced as a school mate of Tom’s but later realizes that he is in love with Maggie and wishes to marry her. The group goes out boating together, and as Maggie accidentally slips getting out of the boat, Stephen takes her hand, and Maggie appreciates his touch. It is agreed that the group will go on a boat ride together and she is put in a boat with Stephen that is to meet Lucy’s boat nearby. Before she leaves, there is a dance that both Maggie and Stephen attend. Mrs. Glegg does not return to visit the Tulliver’s again until Tom leaves for school in August. He refuses to believe the two things could be related but confronts Maggie and questions her. Tom manages to make some good business decisions and returns the family to their former glory while Maggie must contend with Philip and her cousin’s suitor, Stephen who has also fallen in love with her. Maggie writes to excuse herself from her teaching job. This is where the proper story truly begins as we’re taken back in time to Dorlcote Mill and Mr. and Mrs. Tulliver’s house. He argues that neither of them is formally bound to anyone else and that if they are in love, it would not be wrong for them to marry. Lawyer Wakem and Philip come for a visit, and Maggie rushes out to meet them so that her father will not see. Mrs. Deane arrives with Lucy. Lucy tells Maggie that Tom can reclaim the Mill from Wakem. He tries to deny his love for her but finally relents and effectively kidnaps her on their boating expedition to the next town. Decades later, the narrator dozes in her armchair and dreams of that afternoon. Angered, he tells her to leave him at once, and she does. Mr. Tulliver speaks to his friend, Mr. Riley the next day about Tom’s schooling and Maggie overhears this. But when Mrs. Tulliver accidentally reveals that Wakem has bought the Mill, her husband is even more upset. Her sister, Mrs. Deane’s opinion is of particular importance to her since Mrs. Tulliver thinks of her daughter Lucy as one of her own, she enjoys the girl so much. His wife advises him to ask her wealthier sisters and their husbands for their opinion, but Tulliver says he will do whatever he wants. Philip notices a change in her and sees that there seems to be something blossoming between her and Stephen. Mr. Tulliver owns a mill on the River Floss, and has a wife and two children. Aunt Glegg is the richest of the sisters and holds a note on his property. A few days after her arrival, Stephen rides to the house saying that he has a message for her. Mr. Tulliver tells Tom that he needs to get back at Wakem if he ever has the chance. At the Inn, Maggie tells Stephen that they cannot be together because it would cause others pain. Maggie goes into the Mill and speaks with one of her father’s workers, Luke. The next day, Tom makes a speech and strengthens his father’s pride in him. Of course, she agrees and a year passes with the two meeting regularly in the woods. Your email address will not be published. He signs a vow saying this in the family bible. Maggie’s only true friend as a child is her brother, T gets along well with. However, Stephen does not take the rejection well and spirits Maggie away against her will to the next town over. But Mr. Tulliver speaks to Mr. Moss and demands that he find a way to come up with the money as he does not like the man. The narrator of the story, who is not named, opens the book by standing on a bridge overlooking the Floss River which sits next to Dorlcote Mill. Maggie comes for a visit to Mr. Stellings, and Tom shows her the sword. Haar broer Tom kwam terug van de schoolvakantie. Maggie tells her that Tom still objects. Philip can draw, and he knows Latin and Greek. Tom begins a new business venture with an old friend. But she realizes that her reaction to this will make it easier to part with him and is secretly relieved. Philip is disabled; Tom, therefore, cannot beat him up. On the way, they bump into Mr. Tulliver who is looking for her and he rewards the gypsy man with five shillings. Mrs. Tulliver visits Lucy, who has been bedridden and ill since the news. He will continue to take walks in the woods and if they bump into each other, so be it. To pay off Aunt Glegg, he borrowed money on his household furnishings. When they go to search Tulliver’s room, he wakes briefly and asks for his wife. Maggie and Tom weep in each other’s arms. She also began to write, and by the time of his death when she was thirty, she had become a published magazine author.

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