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Some material has been taken out but several impressive scenes, mostly musical in content, have been restored. Francis took on more commercial projects, and simply applied the stylishness he thought they needed. Although Coppola never jumps the line into free-form showoff stylization, as with his later Tucker, he shows he's going in that direction with his kaleidoscopic ending. This streaming presentation forgoes the solid Dolby Digital TrueHD 5.1 track for a Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Mix that more or less replicates the same presentation - only it's a bit softer where it counts.

The big benefit is the restoration of the full Gregory and Maurice Hines subplot, which brings back three entire musical numbers and extends others. The film's musical cast is matched by a terrific set of gangland faces. Even the local Harlem gangster Bumpy Rhodes (Laurence Fishburne) wants the brothers back together again. This Encore version retains the finale that pushes the intercutting trick one step further into Busby Berkeley territory. The Cotton Club is purposely retro, a Hollywood concoction more elaborate than anything Hollywood ever made. This is 4k! It may not be progressive cinema, but it's both emotionally affecting and clear storytelling. A Q&A video recorded after the premiere (?) He doesn't repeat the (faulty?) The 1080p Blu-ray has prominent but natural and normal-looking film grain. word on the street that he took on the job to get out from under some of the crippling debt he'd incurred on Apocalypse, five years earlier. None of the bonus features available on the Blu-ray ported over to the VUDU digital streaming presentation. The dramatically slimmed-down Francis Ford Coppola taped a new introduction for the show, explaining some of the politics behind it -- in his version of events, Robert Evans brought him on to advise for a while, and he eventually just took over. Since the new cut is only twenty minutes longer, either Coppola is cheating a bit, or he did indeed take out more footage that I didn't miss. Meanwhile, the dynamite dancing team of Sandman and Clay Williams (Gregory and Maurice Hines) has just been hired at the Cotton Club, where all the performers are black but the clientele is restricted to whites. The new re-edit likely rearranges more material than I notice; the only thing missing, I believe, were more elaborate introductions of movie personalities visiting the Cotton Club. It's not a complete disaster scenario, it doesn't ruin the overall presentation, but it can be a little distracting when it crops up. None of the slim bonus features on the Blu-ray ported over.

Win 300 on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray! A performer named Jackée Harry shines in a hilarious comedy number. As ever, the music score and the many pop standards are delightfully arranged and orchestrated. Recommended.

Founded in April 2006, High-Def Digest is the ultimate guide for High-Def enthusiasts who demand only the best that money can buy. The film itself may be a bit clunky still, but it's far and away better than what came out in 1984.

Laurence Fishburne plays the real Bumpy Johnson (as Bumpy Rhodes), the Harlem gangster resisting Schultz's attempted takeover: Fishburne would repeat the role in an 1997 film called Hoodlum. Without an HDR color timing, there is only a little difference in the 4K stream and the 1080p Blu-ray. Available in native 4K in streaming only, The Cotton Club Encore enjoys only a modest improvement in overall detail levels. Full Metal Jacket 4K UHD Blu-ray Giveaway, Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection, Friends: The Complete Series Collection (25th Anniversary/Repackaged/DVD). The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Now while the details are stronger overall, I'm not blown away with the grain presence here. Old timer Fred Gwynne, a great actor who never got out from under his Munsters curse, has the best scene in the movie with then- relative newcomer Bob Hoskins. He also antagonizes the club bouncers, that treat the performers like troublesome animals. Arthur Flegenheimer, was a real gangster whose story is woven into the movie, along with that of Lucky Luciano (Joe Dallesandro). Characters have more depth to them. Sandman and Clay become estranged, a state of affairs that both Dixie and the other Cotton Club performers consider a tragedy. The image looks fine except in a couple of the restored musical numbers -- one tap dance looks as if it had to be sourced from a grainy print. Sandman is so crazy about singer Lea Rose Oliver (Lonette McKee) that he pursues her at the expense of his partnership.

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