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you use the stapler on the wire after opening the lock. (however, cant find my glasses, so cant see properly and they're not on my head), I really cant find my will give up till I find them..thanks for the hints tho, which I'll read when I can see, @clio_rose: Good luck for finding the goggles... ;-). How the heck do you start the game???? the 3 digit is the purple lock on the right of the switch box. I can't find the place to use the 2nd key either. Aunt Emily would be proud. I really enjoyed that. Alternatively, you can hold the box high to keep everything in view. This is your 3-DIGIT HINT.- GO ALL THE WAY RIGHT AND DOWN.BASEMENT- Use the flashlight and you can see a ROPE at the bottom left, take it.- With the flashlight you can also see the switch on the backwall. In most puzzles there are hidden clues around the room for alternate decisions in other puzzles. Turn the box to the left side. You will most likely miss most of the optional trophies but these are easy to clean up. Press  to close the panel and point the projection at the left image to scan. you use the rope at the very end! You get this for solving the third puzzle. Cool sound ambiance...Thanks for the W/T Small-Tool ;). Lines highlighted in BLUE are the assorted non-story trophies. Clicked switch downstairs, the scenes changed upstairs and I can see some fish tanks, but not a place to use purple key. Assemble the cube. I went downstairs..turned out the light..but nothing (seemed) to change upstairs. You will get used to holding the inputs without really needing to see what they correspond to on the box. left, down, right - scan Grab it with   . Go up and climb the rope. Rotate them to match the pyramid and moon poster on the wall.

I have a rope, but I don't know what to do with it. When you fail it moves away. Try other positions to see if it works:). This level is a race of sorts. Contrairement à une idée reçue, Statik atteint les Pokémon de type Sol malgré le fait que la capacité soit généralement détenue par des Pokémon Électrik. @nokra - in order to find the place for the 2nd key, click the switch downstairs so that everything is dark AND you hear a humming sound. WIN THESE TRUCKS! In the second phase press Each fail pushes it back. Lol Clio,Good luck with finding them, or else maybe try squinting or zoom in with your screen settings. Close the panel and scan the poster. This walkthrough will skip lots of the game and completely ruin the fun. @nokra...Im not giving up..but Im pretty confused. Use torch to find it. cool game! If that doesn't work... maybe try another browser? Press   to confirm. Now zoom in on the padlock on the right side of the switch.- Put in the code and click the grey part to open it and now you see...WIRES- Use the stapler on the bottom left orange wire to cut it partly loose and then drag it up a bit to connect it (if done right it will stay there). Every time you succeed the machine in the middle moves towards you. What to do after you attached the rope to the ladder? In the 4th puzzle, Directionless, you have to hold down different inputs to match the screens in front before the timer on the center screen runs out. I'm in the same boat as Cammy. Look at the right side of the box. Did it make you feel? You have been retained. With the directional pad put 2/4 in the first two vials and 1/4 in the green vial. now very dark in all train, but I cant find this place upstairs. Once complete, move the arm to put the box on the shelf. When zoomed in use the red key there and a hatch in the floor will open.- Click the switch (the arrow is pointing to the switch (to make light downstairs)- GO DOWN.DOWNSTAIRS ROOMS, SINK AND STAIRS- On top of the stairs is a FLASHLIGHT, take it.- GO LEFT.DOWNSTAIRS ROOMS, DESK- On the desk is a STAPLER, take it.- GO RIGHT AND UP.While upstairs again look at all the fishtanks and count from left to right the fish (130). Most of these sequences require  at the end to confirm them.

Contrairement à une idée reçue, Statik atteint les Pokémon de type Sol malgré le fait que la capacité soit généralement détenue par des Pokémon Électrik. When 2 boxes are shown I chose the left option first. (you have to see night-light now with fish tanks instead of windows (if not try the switch again).FISH TANK with TWO GREEN ARROWS- To zoom in on the circle on the top left, click the little ladder on the bottom left. FF works fine for me. You get this for solving the eighth puzzle. Use the flashlightBut still stuck with rope and stapler... 3 digit box is downstairs. I think it was with all lights off. You get this for solving the first puzzle. escapism, you need to connect one wire first. They are sometimes buggy and you may need to try a couple of times to get them to register. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 3 juillet 2020 à 16:57. Also, I could manage to make the wires work, no matter what position the switch was in.For anyone else having trouble to find the hotspots (even if there are good descriptions above - thanks for the wt @st! You can also hold the box up high to help if needed. Close search.

You may need to press   as well. After that, select the next box to continue. After every odd numbered box puzzle and quiz you are returned to what I'll refer to as the cube room. You may need to press  as well. Statik Walkthrough: Statik. Check mimo's comment for details, guys (step = stool = small chair). Submit. What have I done wrong pls. Now see fish..but (lol) still cant see place for second key. Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Then use the stapler on it again.- Zoom out and if done correctly you see a green light. EVERY … Then move it in position to connect the left and right sides. Complete the last piece and assemble them together to make a cube - You Built A Cube, Use   to move the ring on your screen all the way to the left and back. Use directional pad to type in your ID number (on your wrist) 303040 and hold  to confirm.

wow!! HOME; CURRENT GIVEAWAY; WINNERS CIRCLE; GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! In the last phase you can see the color without really looking down. Light the remaining lights until all are lit. Trying IE. WIN THESE TRUCKS!

Use  to change the image selection and   to rotate each layer until you make the K shape shown here and then press  . Help? Clicking every where seems to be nothing to pick up or do might be a bug. You elevated yourself above the filth and took us literally. Thabks..Did the squinty thing...thats how I knew it was thnk avatar/namey-things are on the left not right, so if wtong about that..sorry. Bravo!

Each success moves the machine in the middle towards you. Tadas, did you went downstair and click the switch to turn the light off? Maybe Mateusz is moonlighting. Then dial 5 4 8. In any of these sections choose happy  for each one. Where's the wire? First Phase - Use the shoulder buttons to light the top lights to match the images and binary shown on the screen. You learned the true value of CCTV voyeurism. You will most likely miss most of the optional trophies but these are easy to clean up. Move the box to point at the doctor and you will see a series of colors on the screen. where did you find a key i cant seem to find or do any thing. lol. With the directional pad enter in the color sequence Green, Red, Red, Blue, Green, Black and press, Now enter in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Red, Blue and scan the ticket - Waves & Signals, Cube Room thanks for the w/t @small-tool. You need to hold the expected inputs before the timer on the front screen runs out. @mimo: where to use the stapler? Sound Test Move your box next to it so it lights up blue on the screen as well.

Nor can I climb onto wooden chair. Several functions may not work. This will take a little practice. I dont know where you all are but im in a room with toilet, sink and bucket where are the stairs because i cant seem to turn left or right am on the same game as you all?. in the last room on the right, on the floor, there is a key to open the lock on the right of the sink on the first scene, to get another key.

You can also hold the box up high to help if needed.

after using s/t's w/t, i got out. You humiliated a machine in record time. Hold  to drop it. When I went downstairs....I clicked something...everything went silent and black...I could change scenes...but nothing else!Is that the game or a bug...??? I loved the sound effects when you changed scenes, which sounded like an old slide projector.Hot spots were a bit small, and I admit to using Tab to help me find them. This will be easier with practice. EVERY $1O SPENT = 1 ENTRY! After that use stapler to fix the wire and turn switch again to turn the train 90º to the right. @roberto: Ah!!

Select the statik symbol to enter the secret level. you will know if it's the good place because it will stick. Make sure to press happy ( ) for the image with the trophy - Trophy, Press   for all images - Smileyface   (You can do this in any of this type of section). You get this for solving the fourth puzzle. Do the following: left, left, up - scan After the first eight puzzles you will have enough pieces to form a cube. key?

I could also see the colored light out of the corner of my eye so I never needed to look down. 8th puzzle - Dial 5 0 9 on the right side. I cant read it yet, but recognised the 'spanner-man' avatar on the right. Point the box towards the scientist until the static clears, enter in the color sequence Green, Red, Red, Blue, Green, Black and press. You will know they work when the statik symbol appears instead of the happy face and a light will appear on the console in the cube room. Thanks! (it's a 3-way switch).- GO UP and LEFT (2x).

yes mimo. Use   and  to change the number on the dial and hold  to dial. Once your body is hanging over the trap door use  to select the left option to open the door and the right option to drop the body. I had the most problem in the wire-box, finding the wire and the hotspot to connect it. Thank you. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150!

Select the happy response  .

If you can clear all phases without making more than a couple mistakes you get You're a Machine! I was clicking the one upstairs. Rotate each layer until you match the 2nd image. Third Phase - This phase adds multiple screens with a colored light on the front of the box telling you which inputs you want. Pokémon Donjon Mystère : Explorateurs de l'Ombre et du Temps, Pokémon Donjon Mystère : les portes de l'infini, Pokémon Donjon Mystère : Équipe de Secours Rouge et Bleue,, Talent s'activant lors d'une capacité adverse, Paternité-Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale-Partage des Conditions Initiales à l'Identique 3.0.

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