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FENSA and Oil/has/electrical certificates Also looking on land registry his name is not on the deeds (he was told it's because he paid cash for his 60% , can they remortgage without his consent and if his name is not on deeds where does he stand? AdamH on 18 June 2019, Hi, fascinating and informative reading here... not sure you can help me but I have lived in our cottage for years and I have the original lease dating back to the time it was given to the ferry mans the only son in 1837 .. for a 999yrs. Example: A gives Whiteacre to T (a trust corporation) for certain charitable purposes. What if a New Will was Made Just before My Loved One Died? The mortgage is in Abi's name, but Jack pays the bills. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/first-registration-of-title-where-deeds-have-been-lost-or-destroyed Or for copies of the application form and list of documents submitted when the title was created and/or forms and documents submitted to update the register with later applications If you have any concerns over safety/security of the information then you should discuss that with the solicitor before handing the details over, Comment by The beneficial easements and rights set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 6 to the Housing Act 1985 are rights of support of a building or a part of a building and rights to use services (drains, pipes, cables etc.) on 20 August 2018, My son has inherited an house from my deceased uncle (which has been 3yrs since death) how does my son have to change the title deeds into his name to.prove ownership of the house, Nina - have a read of our short guide for help https://help.landregistry.gov.uk/app/contactus_bereavement?utm_medium=GOV.UK&utm_source=govuk&utm_campaign=death_contact_page_to_guide&utm_content=web_page, Comment by I've paid to download the very basic information online which shows just our names against the property and no reference to a mortgage, but feel like I ought to have something more "formal" for when we eventually sell the property or if we need to prove sole ownership. on 14 November 2019. on 04 December 2018. My question is what legal or other action can my neighbour now take to force the land agent to supply him with the deeds or copies of them? posted on DVLA become the owners making us just the Registered Keepers of the vehicle. on 02 February 2019. AdamH posted on Thank you... can you tell me in legaleeze what 'demised' means... as I only know it's more common meaning. If the person owning the leases should have a copy then there should be no need to replace a lease. They will also need to have their identities verified on 20 February 2018. Abernathy is communications director; the organization’s website can be found at In-dependent.org. Comment by on 04 January 2019. Indemnity insurance is a 'modern' way of dealing with areas of risk but very much one to speak to your conveyancer about. When you go to Solictor and both you and your partner sign them do you receive a copy? and how do I check if I still have ownership . ianflowers posted on posted on posted on on 25 October 2019. it does say details were changed. Lender's don't send us the original deeds when the mortgage is paid off. posted on I’ve lived in the property for 25 years , the original deeds were destroyed in the war. on 07 October 2020, Lee - a legal charge/mortgage is secured against the title by the registered owners. on 24 September 2020. I will go back to Santander for further information and let you know how I get on! Everything then depends on it being in order and what wider checks have to be carried out in light of the lost deeds etc, Comment by I should stress that having POA would not allow you to register in your names so it would still be registered in your Mother’s name. posted on When I die will my Estate have to pay Inheritance Tax and if so how much? ), Comment by on 15 April 2020. Our general guidance on first registrations is here in case you have not already seen this - https://www.gov.uk/registering-land-or-property-with-land-registry/register-for-the-first-time . posted on The solicitors are telling us that they have informed Land Registry that a sale is pending. ianflowers Thanks AdamH on 30 March 2018, I purchased a property in oct 2016, on checking the shaded ares on my deeds it looks like I have an a joining field, but neighbour said last owners gave it to her?, how can I check if this is true, surely there must be paperwork to prove this...do I consult solicitors or who, Comment by AdamH However, the Land Registry's own blog (above) states, "It is a good idea to keep title deeds as they can provide extra information..." on 03 March 2020, Mr Holmes - you'd need to contact us with the specifics to see what details we have on file that might assist. Also, on the official copy of register of title, it states that... “the easements and rights specified in paragraph 2 of Schedule 6 of the said Act”. on 01 May 2018. The Parish Council recently made a change to my address by adding a road name which subsequently led to the Royal Mail making a further alteration to my post code. My other neighbour showed me his deeds which show he controls the fence on both his sides (marked with a T) Don't buy into this left hand right hand good side of the fence who looks after it. S Scott What Can an Employer Do with your Personal Information? posted on posted on Sonja Gaffer I am guessing I will need to obtain a copy of the title deeds so that her house can be sold and pass to new owners? Sandra Comment by The notes for these rights are flagged as missing on the system. posted on Its obviously a concern for me as it changes the playing field a bit when we come to moving on. posted on Same wording in title deeds as mine but has access rights for the rear of the property in practice. What on earth should I do with them? As mentioned in the blog, where a property is bought after being registered for the first time, the pre-registration deeds may or may not be handed over to the new buyer making them very difficult to trace in some circumstances. We have all the original land deeds plus the planning permission granted and building completion certificate. posted on How to Write a Will When You Have Step-Children, No Will and LPA Can Lead to Breakdown of Family Relationships, Separated But Still Married? I have just phoned the building society that I have (had) my mortgage with for the last 18 years as I have received a letter from the Land a Registry to tell me the Building Society have contacted them to say I have paid off my mortgage. Michael - I am replying as Adam is currently unavailable. Comment by on 18 September 2020, Andrew - I can see that you’ve contacted us twice re this and your second email, of today’s date, is awaiting a reply. Thanks Is it worth getting the deeds as well? Does this mean that any conditions agreed in the Conveyance and not described in the Title Deeds are now void? posted on AdamH on 20 February 2018. Brenda Comment by Do I Need Probate If Any of These Situations Apply? We’ve just paid the mortgage off and got a copy of the (not updated) property register. She is taking advice. I Have Been Given a Settlement Agreement, What Should I Do? But the very last sentence of this document refers to a conveyance in 1955 between this local authority and an individual relating to a single council house - which is not our address, or even in our street, but is on the same housing estate. If theres no copy of the actual original deed am i likely to get it registered as absolute title for me when i buy it or would i have to make do with a possessory title? It is always very interesting to try and dig up documents and get accounts of people in the area and how different life was at the time now that libraries are rare and not all older documentation has been archived on the Internet. I now wish to register my ownership prior to downsizing. We're open from 9am to 5:30pm Mon - Fri on 0330 606 9626.

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