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0000056650 00000 n Oh, and I have been on hormones, bicalutamide, since 10th October and will remain on it for two years because of the Gleason score of 9. SpaceOAR is a hydrogel that is placed between the prostate and the rectum to push the two organs away from each other during radiation treatment of prostate cancer. In my reading of research papers, 16mm spacing is mentioned quite a bit. Where are you being treated? I had MRI and CT scans after the insertion of the spacer. I have just been diagnosed and was recommended to take RT. I had it done two weeks ago and rode my bike yesterday. Nothing is left behind and there are no negative side effects. 34, No. The incidence of seizure was 12% for patients receiving 75 units/m2 twice a day and 3% for those receiving 150 units/m2/day based on retrospective chart reviews and clinical trials. Radiologist suggested “try drinking cranberry juice”. It’s all about building muscle. Unique major complications including acute pulmonary embolism, severe anaphylaxis, prostatic abscess and sepsis, purulent perineal drainage, rectal wall erosion, and rectourethral fistula were reported.  | Reason: Not specified. 1-3 Saw the onco for the results yesterday (03/5). It was the consultant at my fathers first Ohs appointment that mentioned the SpacerOAr gel as he treats NHS and private patients. Don’t know if that helps you at all. Conclusion: Despite well-documented clinical benefits of the SpaceOAR System, there are a number of severe and debilitating complications recently reported in proximity to gel injection. In the treatment of infantile spasms, other types of seizures/convulsions may occur because some patients progress to other forms of seizures such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and because spasms may be masking other seizures. The biopsy was more painful and I had more issues than with the OAR. Edited by member 07 Apr 2019 at 12:07 0000010355 00000 n She said it has been known to slip out of place occasionally. A "burning" sensation while peeing is an extremely common side-effect of RT and is basically caused by the radiation irritating the bladder. I think about 5mm is more usual, so this might explain my earlier discomfort, my Prostate is only 16cc anyway. It has shown to significantly reduce the rectal radiation dose with lower rates of rectal toxicity. Highly recommended. Ask my doctor about it and he had also been talking to the SpaceOar people. I'm due to start my RT on 11th Feb, and when I was speaking to my oncologist yesterday evening I asked him about the use of SpaceOAR gel, a "spacer" which is injected between the prostate and the bowel to reduce the chance of long-term radiation damage to the bowel. I had a session of Relaxation therapy last week courtesy of It is now 0.66 ! Surgeons like using the scalpel! I seem to recall that I was told that the cost (to my insurers) would have been around £3000, taking into account the cost of the operating theatre, anaesthetist, and so on. My understanding is that this is one above monitor only. Caution: The law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. Side effects can be mild and go away on their own, but for some patients they can last for years after treatment is completed & can have a profoundly negative impact on quality of life. Hoorah. One day, this will be available to everyone and people will be horrified that men used to have RT without it. Chris the SpaceOar website has a list of doctors that perform the procedure. Acthar Gel. That is certainly a possibility, but if it was due to that, the timing does not seem reasonable to me considering how well everything went during treatments and for a month after treatments ended. Also had a fitness assessment yesterday prior to commencing a twelve week long “Exercise Medicine” program. Not sure why, but I have Liverpool lurking in my memory bank as a hospital that does it? He doesn't know anywhere nearer than London who does offer it, and it would delay my RT to search further for it, so I've decided (regretfully) to forego the procedure and just have the "normal" RT as planned. 0000009623 00000 n Minimise Side Effects of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer 1-3 Learn More > SpaceOAR Hydrogel is clinically shown to minimise urinary, sexual and bowel side effects, and protect quality of life for prostate cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. Aleve, Xyzal, Ecotrin, Xeljanz, Vistaril, Otezla, Stelara, Imuran, Copaxone, Arava. so I took her advice. (See Warnings/Precautions under Cautions. If my mild level of side effects is anything to go by then it is doing a great job. I'll be checking in as the RT progresses but good luck y'all and keep the brown side down.... No symptoms or side effects remaining to speak of. Getting there, just counting down the days now to 9th March when the RT ends. It has shown to significantly reduce the rectal radiation dose with lower rates of rectal toxicity. 0000034028 00000 n My oncologist here in Coventry sniffed when I mentioned SpaceOar to him, (before my prostate surgery), dismissively saying ‘We don’t offer that here’, without any further elaboration. Quick update. The procedure isn't that long. he modified his diet during RT however had no diarhoea or urgency. Edited by member 07 Apr 2019 at 12:00 That was the Prostate Peddlers event today which I posted about, and I've just come back from. I can start my countdown from 20 - 0 then. 0000002599 00000 n the lady who removed my catheter stated. As I mentioned previously, I had some discomfort at first after the SpaceOAR insertion, but that subsided after about four weeks and has not returned. I am enquiring for  my father who's been diagnosed with prostate cancer in May this year. Like you, so far no diaorhoea but occasional mucus with the ’gas’, which keeps one guessing! Either I am the most suggestible guy ever, or lucky timing, or, Cranberry Juice is magic! Postmarketing reports: Necrotizing angitis (adults only), congestive heart failure. Nice to be having a four day break from everything in the mean time and I will not miss having to drink a specific amount of water at a specific time every day especially once the weekdays come around. Consultant said it's not suitable for my case, where, because it's probably locally advanced, they will be deliberately radiating the whole pelvis including the lymph nodes around the bowel/rectum in case they contain undetectable micro mets, and they also don't want a spacer possibly moving micro mets away from the prostate. Medically reviewed by I was warned that the side effects will not reach their peak until about ten days or so after the end of RT so not too much celebrating just yet. You had RP, though, Rob, not RT. This highlights the need for further study of device complications in light of its increasing clinical use. trailer <]/Prev 184897/XRefStm 1578>> startxref 0 %%EOF 218 0 obj <>stream Radiotherapy is happening in Windsor. Don’t want to speak too soon/brag/make you jealous, but so far I’m only having to get up once a night. I would be the first person he had arranged this for. Division of Urology, Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University Hospital, Durham, North Carolina.

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