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That was one of Collins’s donors. In the ad, Gideon says she would repeal a federal tax reform law passed in 2017 that sharply reduced taxes on Maine’s middle-class and working families through lower income tax rates and larger deductions. It allowed big corporations access to money that was not intended for them at the expense of Maine small businesses.”.        Resources Gideon’s ad takes several discrete elements — relatively minor campaign contributions to Collins, a bipartisan effort to allow franchises in hotel chains to obtain PPP money, and early numbers on PPP recipients in Maine — to sketch a misleading narrative. Esther, Ben and Mike discuss new advertising in Maine’s U.S. Senate race, including an aggressive ad from the Lincoln project, an incredibly defensive commercial from Collins on campaign contributions and and ad that her campaign released online that many have pointed out should probably be considered an in-kind campaign contribution to her opponent, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon. The Collins campaign also points out that not only is the gas tax a “regressive” tax, meaning it hits low-income Mainers more severely than wealthy Mainers, but that the money would not have gone to fix Maine’s roads and bridges. In a tough ad, Gideon suggests Collins crafted the bill to benefit campaign contributors while leaving small businesses adrift. Gideon also claims in the ad to have reduced property taxes with a bill she sponsored last year, but that bill essentially robbed money from an income tax relief fund established before Gideon took office. “Gideon’s gas tax would raise gas prices 40 cents a gallon. AUGUSTA – A new ad from Sara Gideon indicates Gideon would raise taxes on 9 out of every 10 Maine families if Gideon were elected to the U.S. Senate. Instead of allowing that fund to work as established to reduce Maine’s income tax across the board, Gideon spent in sending one-time checks of $104. “The point is that Senator Collins has close ties to the special interests that hurt Mainers through her design of a program that allowed special interests to access funds intended for small businesses,” Coyle said. Hilton has hotels in Wuhan, China, with one property near the seafood market thought to be the source of the virus. FACT CHECK: Did “Defund the Police” groups give Sara Gideon millions in funding? Maine Dems continue attack on GOP candidate for service in Marine Corps, Maine health insurance rates to drop in 2021 under LePage model supported by Trump, REPORT: 7 Sara Gideon staffers donated to bail out violent criminals, rioters. Running for U.S. Senate to put Mainers first and defeat Susan Collins. Maine Senate candidate Sara Gideon, also the Speaker of the state’s State House, was reportedly complicit in a child abuse sexual scandal in 2018. Baker says he can't support Trump in election, Mass. “There was bipartisan support for including operators of multiple franchises who, though they fly the flag of a corporate brand — Marriott, for example — and get marketing support, are essentially independent small businesses,” Bloomberg News reported. In the ad, Gideon says she would repeal a federal tax reform law passed in 2017 that sharply reduced taxes on Maine’s middle-class and working families through lower income tax rates and larger deductions. The numbers are a little fuzzy, but it appears that a large percentage of businesses in Maine with fewer than 500 employees obtained PPP money. REPORT: 7 Sara Gideon staffers donated to bail out violent criminals, rioters, Rep. Dillingham: We Have Government By The Majority Who Participate, Maine Trump Victory touts grassroots success at Presidential Debate Watch Party, Sara Gideon’s “Public Option” on health insurance proving unaffordable, threatens quality and choice, Gov. But because the Trump administration failed to ramp up testing, it was spreading silently. Many companies, under pressure from lawmakers and Trump, returned the money. If proposals like those were added to Gideon’s repeal of the tax reform law, the average tax increase on Maine families would increase even more sharply. But any individual hotel, including from one of these brands, that has fewer than 500 employees would be. “The PPP program was intended for small businesses. – International Franchise Association Franchising Political Action Committee, $1,500. Another tweet showed middle-class Mainers (those Gideon claims to want to help) would also take a beating under Gideon. Baker’s home to push bill, Video: See Franklin Park Zoo's new baby pygmy hippo, California GOP says it won't remove unofficial ballot boxes, Gov. But a Hilton franchise in Maine would qualify, if the hotel had fewer than 500 employees. The ad relies on the public perception that payouts to big companies helped drain the PPP fund, claiming that “only one in 10 Maine small businesses were getting the help they needed.” The ad flashes a headline from an April 16 article in the Bangor Daily News: “1 in 10 Maine Small Businesses Got Loans.”, That was obviously in the early days of the PPP program, but Coyle said the article is still relevant and attributes that statistic to Collins’s office. In the ad, Gideon’s voice stridently proclaims she will repeal the 2017 tax reform after attacking Senator Susan Collins for voting for the bill. The ad highlights another headline — “Dallas hotelier gets $58.7 million in small business funds” — but the companies run by Dallas hotelier Monty Bennett said they returned the money. Barron Trump tested positive for coronavirus, Melania Trump says, Dispatcher for Lincoln Police charged with child pornography, Housing activists march to Gov. The Collins campaign has also been highlighting Gideon’s failure to take action on Maine’s broken unemployment system or other critical problems in Maine, even as Senator Collins has regularly delivered federal funding and support for Maine’s small businesses, workers, critical industries, and recently, millions to support the state’s expanded COVID-19 testing. The Washington Post, in a comprehensive report on June 10, said that after a rocky start, the “federal government’s small-business Paycheck Protection Program is suddenly looking like a measured success.”, The Trump administration has refused to reveal which companies took PPP money, and Hilton did not respond to queries about which Maine franchises applied for PPP aid. But the Collins campaign argues that most of those are self-employed individuals or shell companies, and the same SBA data show only 32,797 firms in Maine with 1 to 499 employees. In that instance, Gideon actually had to increase her proposed tax when presenting it to the Maine Legislature’s Labor Committee after it was discovered that her original tax proposal would not cover the cost of the plan.        Map Have a tip for a great or important story for Maine Examiner? This is a good example of how a narrative can be crafted to leave a false impression. Email, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Hello, this is Representative Fran Head of Bethel with the Weekly, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WASHINGTON D.C. – Sara Gideon’s long train of ethics violations and, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn FREEPORT, ME – Has Sara Gideon received $6 million in funding, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn FREEPORT, ME – There is yet more evidence that Sara Gideon’s, Gideon also spoke out in favor of the scheme at a press conference, Gideon also sponsored a bill to add a new $153-$245 million payroll tax, Rep. Fran Head: Let’s Not Forget Domestic Violence During the Pandemic, New federal ethics complaint against Sara Gideon points to illegal super PAC coordination.

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