russia vs usa who would win

Their tanks were better equipped, their soldiers better trained (early in the year), and their stocks were better supplied (until they lost the rich oil fields). 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Also economic warfare look at russia when we did economic sanctions against them. Russia and China will win, Russia alone had 2x nuclear armed than USA, in addition Russia made the only Space Station that brings USA satellites which currently banning USA to board and carry its Astronauts, USA needs a trampoline to carry its Astronauts and Satellites. 5 Foreign Films for American White Advocates, Kushner Is a Predatory Jewish Parasite W/ No Right to Handle American Crises, Sanders, 13 Other Senators Demand COVID Cash Be Exempt from Debt Collectors, Today Is Hitler's Birthday - His Words Are As True Today As When He Wrote Them, Hitler Attacked Russia Because He Thought a Soviet Assault Was Imminent, The Russian Church in Exile Strongly (and Rightly) Supported Hitler's Invasion of Russia - the Amazing Hidden History, By Far the Best History of WW2 Is Irving's 'Churchill's War' - It Proves Hitler Didn't Start the War, Churchill Did, By Far the Best History of WW2 Is Irving's 'Churchill's War' - It ProvesHitler Didn't Start the War, Churchill Did, What Happens When Whites Lose Control - Zimbabwe’s Disastrous Recent History Is Crucial for Americans Today, US Economy Contracting 'At Sharpest Pace Since WW2' & 'The Worst Is Yet To Come', What's Happening on Wall Street Has No Relation to What's Happening on Main Street, Here's the Case That Hyperinflation Is Much Closer than You Thought, the Inevitable Result of All This 'Stimulus', When Whites Are Persecuted, Blacks Starve - History of Zimbabwe Predicts Grisly Future of White Minority America, This Is HUGE: COVID 50X! America has worse military training and weapons than russia. ☻. It would be a long and hard fought battle with many casualties but the US would win. We shot down all their aircraft,dismembered their forces, we dominated on paper militarily. When you can put missiles on target with accuracy you have the upper hand. To which Putin would add, "and her air force, and her nuclear forces. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. US and Britain threatening world peace with arms race in space, bla... Russia deploys advanced S-300 missile system to Syria, British troops AT RISK as Russia moves nuclear missiles inside Europe. Also Russia and China tend to be smarter with war planing and preparation, For example during the cold war South Vietnam asked for American help with fighting the North. Neither China or Russia would dare to make a nuclear strike, Planet Earth would cease to be inhabitable. Even if they did set sail to come invade they would get picked off. Hence, it's invalid to include France, Germany, Britain or other real allies of US to include here. Unlike the other two. The allies would help USA and Russia and China wouldn't stand a chance. While there's isn't great, they don't have nearly as bad of a history of war. China and Russia might have North Korea, and Afghanistan (From what I know) to help them but I don't think it is a match for USA and the other powerful countries. IRS Gives Social Security Recipients Under 2 Days to File for $500 Payments for Their Children, Trump Suspends Immigration! Described as "essential", the B-2 stealth bomber also makes the cut, as the defence analysts say it would "almost certainly be an integral plan of any war between Russia and the United States". Our funding is through the roof, we have an insane amount of nuclear warheads. America can deploy anywhere in the world within 2 weeks because we control the sea and air china and russia cant it would take months for them to gather a sufficient fighting force as america waits on them twiddling their thumbs. One thing is certain, if Russia did not have this military, she would have gone the way of Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, and Syria long ago. They owe a ton of money to China, and a ton of their companies' industries lay in China as well. Currently America has sold so much debt to china it would be an absolute slam to the Chinese wallet to pursue the path of war. YOU CAN’T EVEN BEAT IRAQ! The T-90 tank is also noted for its low cost compared with Western equivalent. However they employ more of a socialist effort and therefore don't depend on demand from their citizens nearly as much as the US. Are Whites Really the Most Privileged Race in America? Cracks are opening in China-Russia ties, from Vladivostok to arms sales to India and – most explosive of all – New Delhi’s suggestion that Moscow join the US-led Indo-Pacific grouping. They spell out the likelihood that "an accidental collision could spark a diplomatic crisis, a crisis that could lead to a place no one wants to go: some sort of open conflict". We somehow won that war as well, with the help of Russia and Britain. Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute the text in this content (but not the images or videos) in any medium or format, with the right to remix, transform, and build upon it, even commercially, as long as they provide a backlink and credit to Russia Insider. New Document Reveals How Jews Manufactured Corbyn 'Anti-Semitism' Hysteria In Quest For Power, New Document Reveals How Jews Manufactured Corbyn "Anti-Semitism" Hysteria In Quest For Power, Godfather of Vaccines Admits Under Oath to Unethical Human Experimentation, Weimar America, Here We Come! Photo: Xinhuanet Mean… It would be over in a heart beat, and they would be left with grey ashed world. The Truth About China's COVID Response - They Succeeded Where Neoliberal Govts Failed, YouTube Bans US Doctors' Video (6 mil views) Arguing Lockdown Doesn't Work, Israel May Ask for 2x Its Usual $3.8 B From the US This Year ($14k per Minute), America Needs a Leader Like Hungary's Victor Orban! The USA has all the big things - army , navy and air force - but it cannot stand a chance against Russia and China combined. 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