robert johnson cross road blues tab

Cross Road Blues Robert Johnson. |--11/12----11/12~~~----------------------------------------|, |-----------11/12------11/12--------------------------------|, |-----------------------------12~~~---10-3/4------0---------|, |-----------------------------------------3/4------0--------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------|, |-----------------------------------------11/12----|, |-----x--0-0-0-0--0--0-0---0-----------x-----------|, |--------3-3-3-2--2--1-1---0-----0-----x-----------|, |--0-------------------------2/4-------------------|, |--------3-----2-----1-1---0-------0---x-----------|, |--11/12--0-------------7/10-12-12-12-12~~-------------------|, |--11/12----------------7/10-12-12-12-12~~-------------------|, |-----------------------7/10-12-12-12-12~~-------------------|, |-----0-----0---0---0------------------0----11---------------|, |-----0-----0-x-0---0-----------------------11---2-----------|, |-------------------------------------------11---0-----------|, |---11/12-11/12-12-12-12------------12-11-12-11/12--11/12------0-0------|, |---11/12-11/12-12-12-12------10/12-12-11-12-11/12--11/12------0-0------|, |------------------------------10/12--0-----0--------------12--0-0------|, |-0-----------------------0-----------------------0--------12--0-0------|, |-0-----------------------0---0-----------------------------------------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|, |---5--5--5--3--2--0------0---------5--3---3-----2--2--3-------|, |---0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0---------0--0---0-----3--3--0-------|, |------0--0-----0--0--3bq-0---------0--0---0-------------------|, |-0----------------0--0---0------0--0--0---0--------0--0-------|, |-0------------------------------0---------------------0-------|, |---------------------------2-0---------------0----------------|, |---8bq---5---8h10-8-----------8bq----5---8bq--5-----|, |-------5---5-----------------------5---5------------|, |-------5---5----0------------------------5----------|, |------------------------------------------------0---|, |-0------------------0-7/12--0-------------------0---|, |----------------------------------------------------|, |---11/12-12-11-12-11/12--12-----------5-3-2-0-----0----------------|, |---11/12-12-11-12-11/12--12-12-------0-0-0-0-------0---------------|, |---11/12-12-11-12-11/12--12-12---------0-----3bqp0-0-3-0-----------|, |----------------------0----------0---0--0---------------0--0-------|, |-0--------0------------------0---0---0--0--------------------------|, |-0---------------------------------0---------------------3---------|, |---5-3-0--2-2-3-------------------------|, |---0-0-0--3-3-3-------------------------|, |---0-0-0----0-0-------------------------|, |-0---0-0-0----0-------4/5~~~~-----------|, |-0---0-0-0----0------------------0------|, |------------------------------3---------|, |---5-3-2-0-0----------------5-5---5-------11/12-----|, |---0-0-0-0-0----------------0-0---0-------11/12-----|, |---0-0---0-0--3bq--0---0----0-0---0-----------------|, |-0-0-0-----0--0----0---0----0-0---0----0------------|, |-0---------0-------0-----0----------0--0------------|, |---------------------3------------------------------|. Author Doheuvel [a] 10,024. This a different little version that my gutiar teacher plays. Print and download Cross Road Blues sheet music by Robert Johnson. Last updated on 05.13.2014 Crossroad Blues chords by Robert Johnson. I do have an undeserved bias against Tablature because no one wants to figure out music notation. Home Blues Guitar Titles Main Menu Singing &Playing Search Image uploaded!Thank you for uploading background image!Our moderators will review it and add to the page. Tuning: E A D G B E. Capo: 1st fret. I've only got the intro and verse so far, its an ok song to play while warming up. open A tuning, with capo on second fret. Voice & guitar tablature transcription PDF transcribed by Pete Billmann. Cross Road Blues (Crossroads) is a song by Robert Johnson from the album The Complete Recordings. Robert Johnson – Crossroad Blues tab I've only got the intro and verse so far, its an ok song to play while warming up. Please explain why did you choose such low rating for this tab. LIKE 7. Favorites. Enter the password to open this PDF file. One accurate version. Songs. 4,144 views, added to favorites 272 times. SHARE. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Last edit on Feb 29, 2020. In order to download a PDF and print our high quality tablatures you need to subscribe to the Guitar Tab Archive. You can now report bad ads if you suffer from sound/video ads. Crossroad Blues Tab by Robert Johnson with free online tab player. a different little version that my gutiar teacher plays. ... Crossroad Blues Guitar Tab by Robert Johnson with free online tab player. We have an official Crossroad Blues tab made by UG professional guitarists. We'll get snapshot of this page, ads identifiers and will analyze it. This. Moderately q = 95 The monthly subscription enables printing and downloading of limitless tablatures and can be canceled anytime before the next renewal date.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, robert&song=cross road blues,,,,, Tab does help folks get going and NO, I'm not saying anyone is stupid for using Tab. Lyrics and music composed by Robert Johnson. Author Evil_Empire24-7 [a] 898. After the payment succeeded, enter your e-mail in the text field at the bottom of the PDF and click the Log in button. also a slide is needed. Submit Tab. PLAYLIST VIDEO. Wait a second, we are searching and sorting best tabs for you. It would really be a great support for us! Choose and determine which version of Cross Road Blues chords and tabs by Robert Johnson you can play. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in C Major (transposable). View official tab. Difficulty: novice. Oops... Something gone wrong.Make sure that your image is .jpg, .png, .gif and is less than 30 MB.Best pictures will appear on our main page. Do you want to subscribe to the Guitar Tab Archive? SKU: MN0083099 Just be on page with bad ads and submit it to us via form below. 293,586 views, added to favorites 2,427 times. Crossroad Blues tab by Robert Johnson. Cross Road Blues-Robert Johnson - Chords, Tab, Lyrics and Learning Tips Blues Guitar Song, lyrics, chords, tablature, playing hints with downloadable PDF for printing. Hi! All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition.

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