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Here are the basic steps for making green tomato salsa (scroll down for the full recipe… Serve with tortilla chips as an appetizer or use as a topping for grilled chicken or fish. All you need to do is broil the veggies, then pop them into the blender with the other ingredients. Recipe can be doubled as needed. Go green the next time you make salsa with this recipe featuring green tomatoes, jalapeño, avocado, and cilantro. It’s an easy canning recipe … Now for this amazing green tomato salsa verde recipe! Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe. Making green tomato salsa is very similar to making a salsa verde, like our roasted tomatillo salsa. This Green Tomato Salsa is on the sweet side and … This green salsa is easy to make and is a great way to use up any green tomatoes you might have in your garden. How to make green tomato salsa. Recipe Tips: If you are planning to can the salsa, follow standard canning instructions with sterilized jars.

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