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So what’s the real story behind Thomas’ death? Featuring direction and costume design by Julie Taymor, as well as music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice, and book by Roger Allers, The Lion King won 6 Tony Awards, for Best Musical, Best Direction of a Musical, Best Choreography, Best Scenic Design, Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design. We’re going to tell you Broadway ghost stories. After decades of speculation, gossip, and misinformation, popular podcast You Must Remember This performed a thorough investigation into the death-by-poison of Hollywood silent film star and Ziegfeld Follies girl Olive Thomas. “I thought it was one of my employees,” he said. The women who starred in these shows often received very expensive gifts. Thomas may be most famous now for her alleged appearances as the ghost of Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, currently home to Disney’s Aladdin. The ghost supposedly most spotted by Chelsea residents is a woman named Mary. Thomas, who wanted Ziegfeld to marry her, end the affair. We've received your submission. It happened at the New Amsterdam Theatre in 1997 — and marked the first alleged encounter with the ghost of Olive Thomas, a Ziegfeld Follies showgirl who … NEW AMSTERDAM THEATRE. Suddenly he saw a woman wearing a green dress and a necklace with blue and pink stones, with a flask in her hand. Erlanger and Marcus Klaw, and designed by Herts & Tallant, who went on to build the New German Theatre, the Fulton, the Gaiety, the Liberty, the Lyceum, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In The New Amsterdam Theatre, another haunted broadway theatre that houses Aladdin, they do not use one single ghost light. “That would really delight Olive and annoy the other Ziegfeld girls, I’m sure,” Amendola said. BELASCO THEATRE. “I called out and said ‘Are you OK?’ . You … Aladdin has been seen all over the world, with productions having opened in the West End, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Japan and in states all across the US. And it’s been a busy couple of years for her, according to Dana Amendola, vice president of operations for Disney Theatrical Group. It was at that time, that the ghost of Olive Thomas was, again sighted. “[People] have seen the full-bodied apparition of Dorothy in the lobby area,” said Gainer of Parker, who spent nearly every day in the hotel for more than a decade. People have loved the theater for centuries, and we still do. “[The ghost is] doing it like, ‘Look at these idiots,’ ” Berry said with a laugh. The security guard became hysterical and called Disney Theatrical VP Dana Amendola at 2:30 in the morning! The Palace Theatre, also on Broadway, is also so infested with ghosts that several ghost lights are kept on, and it even goes as far as to keep two seats in their balcony permanently bolted open so that ghosts can use them at night. She made numerous films at Triangle and became so popular that in 1918, she signed a contract for $2,500 per week Selznick Pictures Company. The evening features cast members from the hit musical, Temptations founder Otis Williams, and Tony-nominated librettist Dominique Morisseau. Thomas caught the eye of Florenz Ziegfeld in numerous ways. Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, thronged with … In fact, it was the movie’s scenarist, Frances Marion, who coined the term, making “flapper” a part of America’s vernacular. The New Amsterdam Theatre between 7 th and 8 th Avenue in New York City, just off Times Square, opened its doors in 1903. Terms of Use In the News: Christiani Pitts Joins Netflix Rom-Com From Alicia Keys, New Series From Off-Broadway's Bedlam to Offer a Shakespeare Mash-Up, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Original Broadway Cast of, Check the Statuses of Upcoming Broadway Shows During the Coronavirus Shutdown, Well, Maybe Next Year: A Moment for the Shows You Won’t See Nominated for 2020 Tony Awards, Broadway Stars Show Off Their Halloween Spirit. The story goes that, an overnight security guard was standing center stage in an empty Broadway theater when he sensed a presence behind him. Frank DiLella heads to the historic New Amsterdam Theatre to talk about its most famous tenant. You Must Remember This digs into “the secret and or forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century” by fact-checking the stories of the Hollywood Babylon era. The concept of the photo was a ghost in an old theater. “I turned around and no one was there.”. Ange Sullivan, Head of Lighting at the Sydney Opera House, says of the this. Nearly a century after her death, Olive Thomas is one of the best-known of all the Ziegfeld Girls, the subject of films, books, and at least a half dozen websites. you always see that person who’s out of character, but you don’t pay any attention to them,” he said of strangers on the street or subway who may be wearing clothes from a long-gone period or acting in an odd way. This 11-story building was designed by the architects Henry Hertz and Hugh Tallant and was immediately dubbed, “House Beautiful.” This building when originally opened contained two theatres, offices, several plush lounges and a spacious lobby. They will probably be told that it is a safety precaution to keep people who wander into the theater at night from falling off the stage or tripping over set pieces and getting seriously injured, such as a late worker or even a trespasser. “[It’s] the energy there, the fact there are so many people — and unfortunately we all meet our maker at some point.”. Listen here to find out. Actress Olive Thomas, who starred in films between 1916-1920. But when they turn around, no one is there. If we leave a light for them, they can play on stage without disturbing any of our gear. THEATRE TOURS. There’s a very practical reason first and foremost: The last person to leave the theatre and the first person to return can see the edge of the stage so they don’t fall into the orchestra pit. What's New on BroadwayHD for October 2020? On September 5, 1920, the couple went out for a night on the town, visiting the celebrated bistros in the Montparnasse Quarter of Paris. This all seems to make sense, and is a perfectly rational reason for why that single light should be left on all night. Take your Ghostlight Tour home with you with our official souvenir program! But after the audiences exit and the theater goes dark, a solitary object remains on stage: the ghost light. The full company of the long-running musical. After all, it’s seen plenty of tragedy. By 2010 Kids' Night on Broadway Playbill | 10/19/2010. “I think she likes the attention.”. 249 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036. Another variation of the superstition is that the light is instead there to keep the ghosts away, and that these spirits will not come out as long as the light is lit. “Objects appear and disappear,” said “Ghosts and Murders of Manhattan” author Elise Gainer. But it’s also said that the 136-year-old structure is home to some funky spirits. Aladdin, featuring book by Chad Beguelin, music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Beguelin, is one of the highest grossing Broadway productions of all time, having grossed close to $500 million. She posed for some of the most important artists of the time, including Harrison Fisher, Raphael Kirchner, and Haskell Coffin and appeared on numerous magazine covers, including the Saturday Evening Post. Speculation has attributed the activity to the ghost of vaudeville performer Al Kelly, 67, who died of a heart attack in the club’s dining room in 1966. After they went to examine it, more noises started coming from upstairs. There have been numerous rumors regarding her death. The second is more of a romantic idea, and one I like a lot more: Every theatre has at least one ghost, and when they come out at night we don’t want them bumping into scenery or disturbing props. Another reason given is that it is so firefighters can see enough not to fall off the stage if they are called to the building. Can You Guess These Broadway Stars From Their Childhood Halloween Costumes? Indeed, a popular tale is that the tradition started when a burglar broke into a theater and fell off the stage to break his leg and go on to sue the theater. In fact, in some cases, a theater might be considered to be so incredibly haunted that they have tweaked the custom a bit by keeping more than one ghost light on. Her stunning beauty made her exceptionally popular, and Ziegfeld decided to put her in his roof garden revue, Midnight Frolic. Aladdin Theater Marquee, New Amsterdam Theater. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. At that time, she was separated from her first husband, Bernard Krugh Thomas, who she married when she was 15. “It was very playful..”. It is true that she has syphilis and that Pickford would eventually die from complications of the disease. Amendola said ushers and overnight security people report feeling a touch on the back, like someone sneaking up on them and playing a practical joke. She manifests so frequently that Amendola has placed photographs of her at every entrance to the theatre so workers can greet her when they arrive for work each day (which is believed to keep her mischief to a minimum). Thomas died in 1920 on her Paris honeymoon after mistaking mercury bichloride — her husband’s syphilis medication — for a sleeping potion. Now there’s a photo of her at every exit door — performers and staff blow her image a kiss when they leave. Broadway and "American Idol" veteran Clay Aiken knows how to have fun for a good cause on Halloween. It is all a very strange tradition, with origins that have become murky and little understood by even those within the theater business. If you like haunted houses and ghost stories, then head to some of New York’s most haunted locations: its theaters. The Broadway League announced Oct. 6 that Adam Riegler, who plays Pugsley Addams in. Ziegfeld, who was married to actress Billie Burke and well known for his affairs, became intimately involved with Thomas, who would develop a reputation for being a party girl. Indeed, the hauntings don’t seem meant to terrify. she just gravitated back to that place because she was alive, she was witty, she was the head of the table and people adored her,” Today's Theater Stories features The New Amsterdam Theatre! After an investigation and autopsy, it was determined that Thomas’ death was accidental. The New Amsterdam Theatre is one of the oldest Broadway theatres, having opened in 1903, sharing rank with the The Hudson and Lyceum Theatres, which were also built in 1903! Whatever the reason may be, nearly every theater maintains the tradition. There are also invisible encounters. They all sat in stunned silence. Most are visible only to Disney employees, who have a ritual of blowing a kiss or touching the picture frame as they enter and leave. This story has been shared 132,801 times. But no one reacted. So the next time you're in the New Amsterdam, keep your eyes peeled and you might just be greeted by a ghost of theatre's past. That stack had been there for a long time, and there was no obvious way they could have fallen, let alone flew across the room. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? The producers of the Ziegfeld Follies were none other than Klaw & Erlanger, who were responsible for building the New Amsterdam Theatre. The liquid, when ingested as poisonous. In 1919, she made a big hit in The Flapper, where she was the first actress to ever play such a character.

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