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Nach einer kurzlebigen eigenen Band After Hours, die der 18-Jährige 1976 mit zwei Freunden gegründet hatte, trat Neil 1977 direkt nach seiner Schulzeit Split Enz als Gitarrist bei (die veränderte Schreibweise sollte auf die neuseeländische Herkunft – NZ für New Zealand – hinweisen). Ebenfalls 2001 komponierte Neil Finn seine erste Filmmusik für Christine Jeffs Film Rain. Das musikalische Talent der Kinder, das von den Eltern gefördert wurde, trat zuerst bei Neils älterem, 1952 geborenen Bruder Brian (besser als Tim Finn bekannt, nach dessen zweitem Vornamen) auf, der mit Schulkameraden intensiv britische Rockmusik hörte und bald auch spielte. Im April 2018 wurde bekannt, dass Finn Fleetwood Mac beigetreten sei und mit der Band auf Tournee gehen werde. Neil and Tim continued writing together even after the eventual fizzle of their work together in Crowded House (Tim split during a tour in 1991), a road which lead to a long-anticipated CD release. Neil Mullane Finn OBE (born 27 May 1958) is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician who is currently a member of Fleetwood Mac. Whoa man! Since those heights of hairspray, brightly colored trousers and music videos with underwater monsters, Neil Finn has gone on to much more serious musical ventures. Apple Music icon, Michael Burrows - Please Don't Cry (2020), Delaney Davidson - What Am I Doing Wrong (2018), Jesse Sheehan - Drinking With The Birds (2016), Neil Finn & Jim Carter - Blue Smoke (2015), Neil Finn + Paul Kelly - Goin' Your Way (2013), Neil Finn - Song Of The Lonely Mountain (2012), Shawn Colvin - What I Get Paid For (1997), Annie Crummer - Here Come The Gods (1996), Yothu Yindi with Neil Finn - Dots On The Shells (1993). But what song does he feel had the greatest impact on his career? After Split Enz dissolved with a string of decade-defining hits, Neil went on to front Crowded House, a more streamlined version of his previous outfit, bent on focused songwriting and acoustic pop-tinged melodies. Most of the original members of Crowded House have returned, along with several new additions including Jeff Tweedy and three other members of Wilco, Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall, and notable New Zealand songwriters Don McGlashan and Bic Runga. Finn and Tim Finn also collaborated on a Finn Brothers album, Finn, that was released in 1995. I think you're blessed, really, to be brought up with some kind of weird dogma like that. Top 25 Greatest Songs Written by Neil Finn. In ihrem Fahrwasser brachte es auch das Album zu größeren Verkaufszahlen und die Folgesingle Something So Strong gelangte in die US-Top 10. Crowded House frontman and current Fleetwood Mac member Neil Finn has enlisted the help of his bandmates Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie for a new song… Apple Music icon, Something So Strong (live from home, 2020), Don't Dream It's Over (live from home, 2020). Zwei Jahre später löste Finn seine zweite Band nach einem großen Abschiedskonzert auf. [There's] lots of good stuff going on in there, good rituals and imagery and lots of guilt. "Everything To Live For" (1986, maxi-single) - The Rock Party, Most Performed Work Overseas (1995, 2000-1, 2003 – present): Neil Finn, "Don't Dream It's Over" (with Crowded House), This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 10:19. Billboard is a subsidiary of Valence Media, LLC. In 2010, Finn commenced another world tour with Crowded House in support of their 2010 release, Intriguer. [6] His mother, a devout Catholic who moved to New Zealand from Ireland at the age of two, maintained a religious influence over the family. In January 2007, Crowded House reformed with Neil, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart, and new drummer Matt Sherrod (following the suicide of Paul Hester in 2005). [22], Finn's solo album Dizzy Heights was released in Australia and New Zealand on 7 February 2014 via Kobalt Label Services. Neil played solo at New Zealand WOMAD 2008 festival, filling in at short notice for another performer who had become unwell. Play all Neil Finn's songs and read the lyrics. "[20] Here, Sharon began to play the bass guitar, while Neil sat behind the drum set, despite the fact that neither had played either instrument before. The "Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen" intro in Def Leppard's "Rock Of Ages" is something their producer Mutt Lange came up with when he got tired of counting them "1, 2, 3, 4...". Finn appeared as part of the BBC Four's "Songwriters' Circle" series in 1999, and explained that "Don't Dream It's Over" and "Better Be Home Soon" were both written quickly, with all of the elements of each song—such as lyrics and verses—emerging at the same time. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. Archives are also available at Mixlr showreel, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Podcasts and SoundCloud. Drei Jahre später versuchte sich Finn als alleiniger Produzent mit seinem Album One Nil. Dick Finn (Tim and Neil's father) watched via an internet feed. Zusammen überwanden die Brüder Neils Schreibblockade und Crowded House brachten als Quartett 1991 das Album Woodface heraus, das in den USA kaum beachtet wurde, mit mehreren Singles der Band aber erstmals Erfolge in England und Kontinentaleuropa brachte. Finn also sang the opening lines of The Verve song "The Drugs Don't Work" to the opening chords of the latter song. He has recorded two CDs, one so soothing it seems to wrap a reassuring arm around the listener's shoulder, while his most recent recording, One All (originally titled One Nil before it was re-tweaked for a stateside release), includes such melancholy musings as "Lullaby Requiem" and "Last to Know," whilst bringing in collaborators Lisa Germano, Prince longtime collaborators, Wendy and Lisa and on "Turn and Run," a duet with Sheryl Crow.

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