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Seal drafts by closing cracks and gaps with spray foam and making sure your window and door weather stripping is in good condition. Billing date is the date your bill was issued. The Ontario Energy Board works to ensure a sustainable, reliable energy sector in Ontario. But Hawaii ranks first in terms of the price of natural gas, since its supply must either be brought in on tankers or created synthetically. How they are shown on your bill depends on who your utility is. It is not regulated by the Ontario Energy Board. Commodity charges reflect the costs of buying and transporting gas or propane. We’ve detected a problem with your browser settings. These rates cover: Because the forecasting is done far in advance, it is never exact. We want you to understand the charges on your natural gas bill. Below are two sample natural gas bills. Please select the date you wish to pay your bill from the calendar next to the "payment date" field. If you need to use a browser to open your email, open a new window or tab to do so. Delivery. form 1 invalid: {{ forms.forgotPasswordForm1.$invalid }}, form 2 invalid: {{ forms.forgotPasswordForm2.$invalid }}, form 3 invalid: {{ forms.forgotPasswordForm3.$invalid }}, {{ strings.enrollAcct_billDelivery_text }}, form invalid: {{ forms.registerForm.$invalid }}, © {{ copyYear }}—{{ $root.brand.longName }}, The Ontario Energy Board approves the Customer Charge annually. Next, you will select your service area.You can also choose to view information about Our Company. This chart shows the trends in your monthly energy use. If you’ve signed up for the Equal Payment Plan, Call us at 1-888-224-2710 or visit Regulators expand bill assistance program for Cascade Natural Gas customers affected by COVID-19 April 23, 2020 MDU Resources Donates $500,000 to Support Pandemic Response Efforts – $24,500 to charities in Washington It can help you identify any changes in your total charges during different seasons or after installing energy-efficient appliances. This is also where we make a modest profit and where we invest in our business and improvements to meet your energy needs. NOTE: Do not close this window. Natural gas bills. Use our bill calculator to compare the cost your utility charges you with the costs outlined in an energy contract. You have to pay this charge even if you don’t use any natural gas during the billing period. NW Natural also offers a payment option that allows you to pay your gas bill with a credit card or debit card over the phone. Utilities not only deliver natural gas to your home or business, they also issue your bill. If you’re buying a home, direct those questions to the seller or real estate agent. Use our bill calculator to estimate your monthly bill. Disclaimer: Any payments made via our website may take up to two business days to post to the account and be reflected in the balance on the summary page of the dashboard. These charges cover the costs to transport, store and distribute natural gas: Transportation, storage and delivery charges vary depending on the amount of natural gas you use. Budgeting for monthly expenses in a new home or apartment can be tricky when it comes to utilities like natural gas. This is a fixed charge to administer your natural gas account. What is Renewable Natural Gas, and how is it made? You can also compare your current bill with a contract offer from an energy retailer. Interested in signing up for Renewable Natural Gas? If you buy your natural gas under contract with an energy retailer, the price you pay for the natural gas that you use is set out in the energy contract. This table shows how much natural gas you’ve used compared to the previous year and includes the average daily temperature. Add an insulating jacket to your water heater and pipe insulation to your hot water pipes. The other is for a customer that buys their natural gas from an energy retailer (also known as natural gas marketer). form invalid: {{ forms.loginForm.$invalid }}, form invalid: {{ forms.forgotUsernameForm.$invalid }}, {{ strings.forgotPassword_enterUserInfo }}. If you buy your natural gas from a third-party gas marketer (not FortisBC). It is charged based on the amount you use. Install a thermostatic valve in your shower that can automatically shut off the water when it reaches your preferred temperature, avoiding hot water waste. How can we create renewable energy from what we waste? Sign up for a payment reminder email sent every month, so you never forget to make a payment. Please choose the type of information you are looking for, residential or business, so that we can provide the most relevant customer information. This slip gives your account number, bill due date and total amount due. Upgrade your gas-powered appliances to newer, more energy efficient models. This type of information can help you understand how you use your natural gas and if there are opportunities to conserve Here’s a quick rundown of the factors that can have a major impact on the size of your natural gas bill: To get a general idea of what you can expect to spend, it helps to look at state averages for monthly residential natural gas costs. {{ strings.brand_disclosureNoticeName }}, © {{ copyYear }}—{{ $root.brand.longName }}, The Ontario Energy Board approves each utility’s delivery charges. If you want the most accurate estimate, the best source is the person who was paying the gas bill before you came along. We approve the utility’s gas supply rates every three months. Account Summary. The more you know about natural gas rates, the easier it will be to make informed decisions about your energy usage or whether a natural gas contract with an energy retailer is right for you. Upgrade to a smart thermostat so that it’s easier to manage your furnace. For example, Union Gas customers see Storage as a line item on their bills, but for Enbridge Gas customers, storage is included as part of the delivery item on their bills. Delivery charges are made up of a basic charge and a delivery charge and help cover the costs of maintaining the natural gas system. CNGC - Online Account Services Login. CenterPoint Energy provides services in 20 states. {{ strings.footer_copyright_text_1 }} {{ strings.footer_copyright_text_2 }} 800-882-3377. Please enter a new password for this account. Find the current rates and learn how they are set. Understanding your natural gas bill Explanation of charges. Natural Gas Odor? Keep an eye on your inbox for more information. So, we’ve broken it down for you to make bill reading a snap. The Ontario Energy Board sets natural gas rates for: We do not set natural gas rates for Kitchener Utilities or Utilities Kingston. You can open a natural gas or electricity service account online, or by calling 1-888-224-2710 for natural gas, or 1-866-436-7847 for electricity. Please update to the latest version or view our site in another browser. For more information on how you can pay {{strings.policy_cookieDisclaimer}}Privacy Policy. Click your state below to view offers in your area. Installing networked electric vehicle charging stations, Public electric vehicle charging stations in BC, Natural gas metering for multi-unit residential buildings, Natural gas space heating systems for your development, Natural gas water heaters for your development, Natural gas metering for secondary suites, Natural Gas Customer Design Build Program, Underground conduit system inspection request form, Trade Ally Network (TAN) online resource centre, Participating natural gas commercial partners, Participating electrical commercial partners, Residential Energy Efficiency Works (REnEW), Careers, training and education for Indigenous communities, Energy-efficiency programs for Indigenous communities, Billing support for customers affected by COVID-19. Note: this is only a sample bill and may not reflect current natural gas rates. Future costs – the utility estimates how much gas they expect their customers to use and the market price for natural gas over the next 12-month period. How far are we from a zero-carbon transportation sector? To use this service call 866-904-8481. And if you don’t speak the natural gas billing language, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many variables affecting this expense that you can’t learn much from the average natural gas bill in any given area -- it all comes down to how your home is powered, how energy-efficient it is and what your energy habits are. Transactions after this date will appear on … The utilities pass through the cost of natural gas that they buy for their customers on the open market, without a mark-up.

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