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Lisa Murkowski's 'Courage' in Splitting with McConnell on Impeachment Trial Process 'Could Be Contagious,' Senator Says | U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski talks with reporters outside the Mansfield Room at the Capitol, July 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. Alluding to stances taken by both Democrats and Republicans, Murkowski said, "Some have been calling for the President to be impeached for years," while "others in this chamber saw little need to even consider the arguments from the House before stating their intentions to acquit.". The same group of women in the Department of Law that was given grant money by Murkowski’s office to travel to DC for Kavanaugh hearing to help “boo” with the Democrats and aid the liar that came in from California. Good luck, and good night. His personal interests do not take precedence over those of this great nation. This entire issue is needless drama that detracts from the genuine needs of the republic. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Geldhof sounds like a very jealous man. Some day you guys will realize that this is serious business, and you don’t want clowns running the show. I believe that any senator or Congress person who has been accused or charged or is under investigation for any reason shouldn’t be allowed to vote against the president….. Oh wait, that’s literally all of them. Why does she believe that she has to cajole the senator into voting against the interests of Republican voters and on behalf of Donald Trump? ", Asked if he thought Murkowski could be a candidate to "break ranks with Republicans" on either the vote to remove President Trump or earlier votes on procedure, Blumenthal said: "Certainly on these initial votes that set the rules for this trial, her courage could be contagious. Details zum Tracking finden Sie in der I expect she has been receiving some less than pleasant messages on this. If the impeachment was in a court of law, this would be jury tampering. For a minute there I thought you had confused her with Sarah Palin. “I envision sending this as an open-letter to ADN and the Washington Post under the name of one or two of the most influential women that sign i.e. I’m guessing you run your house wait in the red probably have three or four bankruptcies in your past because you’re not fiscally responsible. Murkowski clarifies stance on impeachment, while AK liberals pull out playbook, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Tavoliero: We need the Permanent Fund dividend, Dunleavy tamps down the corona panic, and hospital CEO says there is ‘plenty of bed capacity’ in Alaska, Fagan: The Left controls the courts in Alaska. They are her buddies and some she may have worked with for a short time. And she asked for help reaching Alaska Federation of Natives Executive Director Julie Kitka, a Democrat. One Juneau operative has sent an open letter to her women friends across Alaska, asking them to grow a grassroots force to pressure Murkowski into voting to remove President Trump, if the impeachment matter is sent to the Senate for a trial. können Anzeigen und Inhalte basierend auf einem Profil personalisiert, Daten ergänzt und Performance von Anzeigen und Inhalten gemessen werden. As far as I’m concerned any channel like this is an arm of (perhaps unwittingly) the extraction industry, big labor, or foreign actors. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska announced Monday that she "cannot vote to convict" President Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial … The reality is that Dems and Republicans are locked “arm in arm” in congressional support for America’s forever wars in the Middle East. The Troll from Juneau is simply demonstrating that if it worked before, it will work again. To continue reading login or create an account. Whether rural or, as most are, urban indigenous Alaskans, that’s her vote. I disagree. 2525 Gambell Street Suite 405, Anchorage, AK 99503. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. And they have the majority of the power now, what with all the 8-A contracts and so much else. Why did Lisa Murkowski throw an elbow at Al Gross and endorse Dan Sullivan? A slave to Washington DC social circles cannot have Alaska’s best intetests at heart. Senator Murkowski read all the negative comments published here and in other outlets and finally realized she crossed the line and that her liberal tendencies were going to cost her come next election. Joe Miller is self-made and accomplished. Look at her track record. Problem is that she has displayed that she is a RINO too many times and voters will probably not forget her vote to keep Obama care, her votes in the Kavanaugh hearings, as well as her recent vote re the House impeachment process. I will always remember Diane Feinstein having Lisa backed up against a wall during the Kavanaugh hearings, you could see the fear in Lisa’s deer-in-the-headlights eyes; intimidated by an 80+ year old! He had the wits of a RINOcerous. Serves her right. You keep saying the same old tired worn-out saying. – Sen. Lisa Murkowski Meanwhile, the impeachment inquiry of the president is hitting the grassroots circle of Democrat women activists. Pray tell, do you know the difference between the indicative and the subjunctive? she has turned on one aspect of the Native population. ", You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. We all know that the Senate does not have the necessary votes to impeach Donald Trump, so why can’t Murkowski just say the obvious and move on? I really didn’t think he would be that arrogant. And we don’t have such a good track record of standing behind our allies. This is Lisa the RINO. Scroll up please. Lisa barely got out of law school and her daddy rescued her by giving her a job. Yes it’s true you can’t impeach her and sadly you can’t teach her… that RINO is a dirty word and yes she needs to go. You must be a very sad lonely person to keep spitting this venom of yours. The House could have pursued censure and not immediately jumped to the remedy of last resort. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the last true publicly undecided Republican senator, said Friday she would oppose witnesses in the impeachment … If wishes were horses AKBOSCO, then beggars would ride. I wonder if you get food stamps probably so. I have much reservation with your second point: She is the “repeal the 17th amendment” poster child! Also I’m not attached to the number of 100. “I also know that my circle of contacts is not as large as many of you, so please send this on to other Alaskan women that fit the bill – served in public office or in a greater public capacity (i.e. I. Troll then asked her friends to reach out to Republican women “like Gail Phillips,” (former House Speaker, and a Republican.) “I think the power of our message comes not from we say but from all who sign. Thanks to the slobbering sheep of RINOs, unions, native corps, education (indoctrination) systems, and leftists, Alaska is poised to join the ranks of California, Oregon, and Washington as failed socialist states. She needs to go. Did Impeachment Happen, Or Did I Imagine It. Maybe sometime in the future, maybe the far off future, you’ll awake from your dream and realize that no one really knows “where it’s at.” Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. "For all the talk of impartiality, it is clear to me that few in this chamber approached this with a genuinely open mind," she said. The Skis are really a dumb tribe and need to be sent down the slope without Poles. The Constitution provides for impeachment, but does not demand it in all instances," she said. The House impeachment managers’ response? ), Graham says 'good old days' segregation comment was sarcasm, Trump-Biden battle intensifying in Pennsylvania, WaPo: Barr 'unmasking' investigation finds no wrongdoing, Trump rally goer: If I'm gonna get sick and die, I guess it's my turn, Amy Coney Barrett was grilled on these election issues, Early voters wait hours in line as states see record turnout, Obama CIA director: We wear Trump's criticism as a badge of honor, Barrett declines to answer if Trump can pardon himself, Virginia governor reacts to alleged kidnapping plot, CNN's John Avlon: This stuff makes Joseph McCarthy look restrained, Florida's senior voters weigh in on Trump vs. Biden, Senators give speeches to explain their votes on impeachment trial after closing arguments Monday. Well, however it is, I hate like hell that she purports to represent Alaskans. Her problem is that she demonstrated with Kavanaugh that she could be rolled by the left, feminists, greens and fellow travelers. True, but …. hmmm. A Democratic Senator said the "courage" of his Republican colleague Lisa Murkowski "could be contagious" during procedural votes on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Perhaps a silly question, why are the voices of 100 prominent Alaskan women more important than any random 100 conservatives? She despises anything…and I mean “anything”…that this administration does and even when its for the benefit of her own state, she begrudgingly accepts said benefits while holding her nose and never issuing a single word of thanks or appreciation. You’re probably paying about 29% on your credit card debt. Time is up. Don’t give her a pass. Good for the goose but not for the gander. But for the Bush Natives learning to spell L I S A on a piece of paper, daddy Frank would have purchased a used Learjet for his little princess. I don’t know what all y’all who are in the bag for Trump, Murkowski or any Dem/Repub. "The President's name is on ballots that have already been cast," she said. Her old man, Frank, didn’t exactly invent the light bulb either. He also claimed that the Alaska GOP senator saying she was "disturbed" by McConnell's willingness to coordinate with the White House over an impeachment trial reflected "strong reservations" held by other Republicans in the chamber. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Newsweek has contacted the office of Mitch McConnell and will update with any response. Lisa is a slam dunk for this faux-impeachment proceedings PR stunt by Troll.

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