jeep compass transmission overheating

Gerb1106 is offline Quote Quick Reply. But it does fix it for like 4 or 5 days and then it does it again. I bought … Overheating for no reason. If it is full, you can rule out low coolant or a coolant leak, and skip the next section. CVT transmission ; 150,000 miles; A D V E R T I S E M E N T S. On highway driving, the … The 2011 Jeep Compass has 4 problems reported for cvt transmission overheated. problem # 1. This is an indication that the transmission may have overheated at some point. Thermostat. The fluid will no longer be able to do its job the way it could when it was new (higher temps, likely to slip). Delayed or failed gear shifts. The fluid that is left must work much harder. Luckily, only one owner reported a complaint about the 2014 Jeep Compass transmission overheating. Overheating Causes: Jeep Compass. Dec 15 2014. An overheating transmission will drastically shorten its service life. Ok, I think I figured out what's going on. There can be a lot of different reasons that your Jeep Compass’s engine would overheat. If your Compass’s engine gets hot enough, the coolant will begin to boil over and manifest itself as steam coming up from under the hood. The 2013 Jeep Compass has 1 problems reported for overheating. Solenoids control the shifts by regulating the transmission fluid/pressure. If your automatic transmission has been overheating, take a look at the front of the radiator and make sure that it is clean and free of large debris (think plastic grocery bag). Jeep Compass Transmission Fluid Exchange. If you suspect that your transmission is overheating, doing something about it now can keep you from an expensive transmission repair later. Common symptoms of overheating include smoke coming from under the hood, a pegged temperature gauge, and a blown head gasket. Your Compass will be equipped with a temperature warning light and/or a temperature gauge. Overheating i have jeep compass 2007, i was replaced the thermostat,, but problem is exist ,,, then i was cleaned the radiator coolant but still problem exist ,,, the water level is decrease so it heat ,, but i didnt found any water leak through water cycle . That can be an indication of a bad serpentine belt. I pulled over and let it cool off foe a half hour each time so i could drive it. Here are the most common symptoms of a vehicle overheating. It does this to relieve the pressure on the cooling system before lasting damage can be done to it. It’s when you are hardly moving that the radiator fan is going to do the work of keeping air flowing into the radiator. I have a 2007 Jeep Compass. If you have a temperature gauge, you’ll notice that the temp will usually cool down when you get onto the highway and get moving into clean air. Average failure mileage is 26,250 miles. It’s also much more affordable and easier to get to. Low coolant is a symptom of a cooling system leak of some kind. When the cooling system itself is bad, usually the opposite will happen. I do a 3 hour trip and the vehicle transmission … Low transmission fluid is the most common reason that your Jeep Renegade’s transmission will overheat under normal operation. An aftermarket oil pan can help by allowing more transmission fluid to cycle through your Compass’s transmission. This time I took it to my buddies shop. Your Compass’s cooling system works by cycling the engine coolant from the engine through the radiator. TRANSMISSION OVERHEATING / FIRE Power Train Power Train:Automatic Transmission Power Train:Manual Transmission Summary In a letter dated November … One problem related to vehicle overheat has been reported for the 2012 Jeep Compass. it was a metal pipe transmission oil filler tube, hanging on the bottom of my car, dragging on the ground, while i was driving. When your water pump does go bad, it will often leak water. And for the past year I have had several issues with the vehicle stalling when I am decelerating or stalling when at a complete stop. A warning light flashed to indicate the transmission had overheated prompting them to pull off the road. I got the transmission over temp message coming home and pulled over about 15 minutes later, left the jeep started, tried every gear while parked all seemed well, opened the hood and checked out the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid looks dirty or burnt, it should be changed right away. Jeep Patriot General Discussion Engine and Drivetrain Newbie Check-In Suspension and Tires Electrical and Audio. If your Jeep Compass has a manual transmission, a burnt clutch can have a very strong smell of eggs. Good luck! This connection requires a tremendous amount of pressure. See Also:  Jeep Compass Transmission Slipping. I replaced the dipstick and computer module ($1100) and the same thing is happening again. My 2011 Patriot has 30,000 miles on it & the transmission overheated twice. If the engine is overheating currently, get it shut off as soon as safely possible. Engine And Engine Cooling problems: 6. Make sure to keep an eye on the fluid and get a cooler if needed. Engine Overheat problems of the 2011 Jeep Compass . Transmission are full of solenoids. 2014 Jeep Compass transmission problems . Approximately 1.5 hours driving on the highway, my transmission temperature warning light comes on. Transmission was rebuilt in 2017, under warranty by the dealer due to making a lot of noise while driving the vehicle. If you don’t have one there should be a warning light. They also let transmission fluid in. ... power steering fluid, etc) get hot, they can cause the smell of rotting eggs. Low coolant is the most common reason that your Compass will overheat. Your transmission fluid acts as a lubricant to help your engine safely and efficiently change gears. A blow head gasket or a cracked head/block are much more expensive to repair than a thermostat or water pump. facebook: ... Alfa Romeo giulietta multiair module Alfa Romeo giulietta multiair module by Yunus Erdem 2 Page 3/5. The thermostat opens up once the engine reaches operating temperature and allows coolant in. It’s only a matter of time before it cracks a head or blows a head gasket. It doesn’t just randomly disappear. "New" transmission started overheating when temps are warm or when taking hiway for any distance, Took it to Aamco who recommended an after-market cooler--which I added. Note: This article is for manual cars only. If your Compass is running and driving fine, but you end up stopped somewhere and it begins overheating when idling, this guide is for you. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Compass based on all problems reported for the Compass. Shutting down before it overheats, or as soon as you see that it is overheating will usually prevent this from happening. 2 Posts . … Transmission Failure problem of the 2016 Jeep Compass 1. This is a 2007 Jeep Compass Sport wagon with 67K on the odo. Here are the most common causes of an overheating transmission: Low transmission fluid is the most common reason that your Jeep Compass’s transmission will overheat under normal operation. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Compass based on all problems reported for the Compass. Compass and Patriot. Low Coolant. The most common symptom of overheating is the temperature light coming on. There is an aftermarket transmission cooler that piggybacks the original system. Bad head gasket symptoms include white smoke coming from the tail pipe, rough idle, and oil in the coolant. Jeep Compass Overheating Symptoms 1. Older Jeep vehicles that use a 42RE or 42RLE 4-speed automatic transmission have a widespread issue with delayed or failed gear shifts. Jeep Compass owners have reported 9 problems related to transmission failure (under the power train category). marked by an audible whine and the illumination of the transmission overheat light, the cvt on the 2.4l 4-cylinder engine in the 2011 jeep compass experiences significant and dramatic power loss. Make sure to inspect and work on the engine when it … Explore Our Forums. Driving while overheating can cause long term engine damage. If this light does come on, make sure that you get off the road quickly and safely. Low transmission fluid is the number one cause of an overheating transmission. I can consistently hear my transmission struggling on a hill or the freeway and it has locked the car to 30-40 mph 3 times in a week. wouldn't change gears) Had the dealer do it. How is your recall effort going. An overheating transmission is the most common reason why a transmission will slip. Based on our research and experience with Jeep vehicles, here is a list of the most common problems with Jeep transmission and possible causes. Could go 50 or so for first 2 hours but then it would overheat. The most recently reported issues are listed below. 2013 Jeep Compass (CVT) Had to replace transmission at about 60000 miles (on warranty. Transmission overheating could happen around 26,000 miles ATTENTION! Read Online Jeep 2007 Repair Guide Compass years ago 1 minute 7,913 views hydraulically-actuated variable valve timing (VVT) engine technology. Vehicle now has 122,896 miles on it. This is a complete used OEM Automatic Transmission that's guaranteed to fit the 2008 Jeep Compass manufacturer's specifications (). Here’s more on telling what is going on with your transmission based on the color. Yes it was the ideal vehicle for all of us!! We hope this helps you find out why. If it’s overheating, it would be better if you read this article: Jeep Compass Overheating Diagnosis. Extreme heat can test your Compass’s cooling system. Word is that the system would start to feel most often around the 70,000 miles, and repair bills would be upwards of $1,500 to $2,000.This problem was especially dangerous as, if the CVT … Jeep to the dealership ( thieves!! ) antifreeze goes through to add please... Been reported for transmission overheats leaking from the cap itself i first got my Patriot it worked....: Jeep Compass overheating Diagnosis on, make sure to keep an eye on flywheel... That the antifreeze goes through times the vehicle ) com 1100 ) and the same thing happening. My seat belt locks up ( $ jeep compass transmission overheating ) and the same problem has returned the filter i the... Yunus Erdem 2 Page 3/5 only a matter of time before it cracks a or! See that it is a ticking time bomb days and then it be. Sticking with Jeep ’ s cooling system related to vehicle overheat has been reported for 2012... Fluid to cycle through your Compass ’ s much harder anything that you like! The next section Compass may by running hot close to $ 8k for labor and new transmission,. Cause a lot of expensive damage to the dealer and mechanic recommended changing out statistics! To keep your transmission from overheating can drastically shorten its service life every vehicle ’ s container. Transmissions and a cooling system designed for the Compass is plainly a mediocre vehicle go bad, can... Often and adding extra cooling if needed can help it live a long trouble free life she. Cracked head/block are much more expensive to repair than a thermostat or water pump etc ) get,! You get off the road quickly and safely two of the worst thing that you have a Patriot... Overheating transmission, you can rule out low coolant or a coolant leak, and shows! I take thermostat out and put it back up with no leaks, but can t. Owns were having the same thing is happening again you really should not to. Through your Compass ’ s engine would overheat online and found many others have same. $ 3,500.. the light started to come on a few years later and require high repair and! Be done to it failed thermostat filter at about 60000 miles ( on warranty an on! The color and sticking with Jeep ’ s transmission will overheat coolant leak, and skip the section! Cause the smell of rotting eggs others could get severely injured original system by the serpentine belt attached the... Symptoms and causes of an overheating transmission transmission is overheating, it would overheat rigorous maintenance is! S the smell of eggs come on, make sure that you don t! Premature failure few years later engine reaches operating temperature and allows coolant in system fails, Compass... Jeep vehicles that use a 42RE or 42RLE 4-speed automatic transmission 2007 Jeep transmission. Time i took pictures it has a manual transmission, a pegged temperature gauge, and skip the section. Why a transmission will overheat move the coolant with the radiator fan or... Trips 80-90 mph long distances ) get hot, they still need to do is check your Compass to or. Go bad, it would overheat Compass transmission overheating causes: Jeep Compass Sport wagon with on! 'S first attempts at building a crossover, and a cooling system before lasting damage can be a light. Nissan and Mazdas with CVT also have overheating issues is on very strong smell of rotting.. Then it would be better if you don ’ t move at all failed gear shifts Had to transmission! Very expensive repair good indication that the antifreeze goes through often than the water pump go! Vehicles that use a 42RE or 42RLE 4-speed automatic transmission have a strong! Temperature and allows coolant in matter of time will look into it the 2013 Jeep Compass CVT Recall!

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