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Copyright © 2001-2020 UFC All Rights Reserved. However, we're never actually going to see it happen, because any truly great boxer is making far more money in boxing right now than he could possibly make in MMA. His professional MMA record stood at 2-2 when he made his UFC debut at the Ultimate Fighter Finale in 2005. At what weight will Toney be fighting? Of course, whenever fights like these occur, there is usually an accompanying excuse. If the UFC wants to keep Toney around, there are guys in the world who are willing to go in there and get knocked out, or in the case of Greg Nagy, get mauled around for 12 minutes by a superior athlete. Furthermore, while Juanito Ibarra is credited with helping Quinton Jackson, I can't help feeling that he's absolutely the wrong trainer to be preparing Toney for the kicks, wrestling, and submissions that he's likely to endure in MMA. The issue of comparable money is only as valuable as one's own opinions of money. The hallmark moment of Michael Nunn’s boxing career. Toney, who has some of the heaviest hands in … Ultimately, Toney isn't going to be either the savior or the destroyer of MMA, but I'm interested in seeing if he can bring in any boxing fans, or if they will ignore him now that he's no longer a relevant boxer and is competing in a different sport. The question of boxer vs MMA fighter has been around at least since MMA started to become popular, and in fact, the idea isn't completely untested. But, I find it hard to believe that current MMA fighters like Marcus Davis would have moved from boxing to MMA if they could have been far more successful in boxing. Hate ads? Live from Boston, USA BJ Penn tries to take back the lightweight title from Frankie Edgar, and boxing star James Toney takes on the legendary grappler Randy Couture, August 28th. When Mayweather points out that he makes far more money in boxing than even the most famous MMA fighters, it means that he's smart to stick to what he's good at, but it doesn't mean much else. The only reason Toney is willing to risk his boxing future is because at 41 years of age his boxing career is pretty much over right now anyway. Then we take an in-depth look at the game plans of some of the top fighters in the UFC. ... James Toney. He throws a bunch of haymakers and hopes that one connects. He's much better at 170. The rapid rise of MMA coinciding with the slow and steady decline of Toney's boxing marketability have finally reached a point where MMA makes financial sense for him. 1. Not just that, he … It's clear that some boxers have moved from boxing to MMA simply because it was an easier thing for them to do. "Nick Diaz shouldn't have fought at that weight class. KJ Noons, who is far from a world class boxer, went into MMA and was able to beat Nick Diaz with his boxing skills. 0-1-0 (W-L-D). A career-spanning across 3 decades. The boxing vs. MMA debate won't be settled to the satisfaction of many any time soon, and the only way I could see great boxers going into MMA in their primes is if MMA eventually becomes more lucrative than boxing. Toney is right. Today in MMA History: A boxing champ in tax trouble takes on an MMA star – sound familiar? Privacy. Latest on James Toney including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Maybe Toney really wants to try to go on a bit of a run, but maybe he's just in the UFC to cash in a quick paycheck. Sunday Punch: James Toney puts Charles Williams’ lights out. UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture easily beat Toney … Even if a boxer were offered similar fight money to compete in MMA, it would be too big of a risk to put his boxing future in jeopardy if he lost in MMA, as I have no doubt Toney is doing by signing with the UFC. There are, however, some interesting and reasonable questions to put forth concerning Toney's foray into MMA . I'm interested in seeing what kind of opponent the UFC will put against Toney , and whether the UFC would rather put Toney in against a contender, or if they think it's a better move to give him an easier initial opponent. Ultimate Insider Ep. Furthermore, while some boxers might be taking the easy way by going into MMA , it's not the case that they're running into a pool of inferior athletes. I still think that Toney … A natural heavyweight by size, James Toney made weight at 160, 168 and 175 as per requirement. Reasonable Questions About James Toney's Future in MMA. Toney once fought at a bloated 237 lbs, but it might be wise for him to drop some weight and fight at 205 lbs, or possibly even 185 lbs. We would be horribly and tragically mistaken to conclude that the best MMA credentials belong to those who are "street certified.". MMA is also filled with elite athletes from different backgrounds like traditional martial arts or wrestling. 8. Plus MMA legend Couture vs. boxing icon Toney and KenFlo vs. the Bully. In reality, Toney's foray into MMA will prove nothing, but it wouldn't surprise me if some guys in the mainstream media go out and make some ridiculous statements like "boxing is dead" or "MMA loses to boxing" depending on the outcome of Toney fights. A classic James Toney knockout. Will Toney take his MMA training seriously? Ultimate Insider Ep. Will Toney's move into MMA help draw Pay Per View buys?

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