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As a teenager working at a gas station, his first radio job came as an actor in dramas in the late 1930s. She had kicked him out, and he came over (to the radio station). Here in Buffalo, we remember him from his time doing evenings at WKBW in the early 70s and then afternoons when KB was playing oldies again starting in 2003. As the popularity of the station grew during 1958 and 1959, the promotion became more intense. Awards were made to area teenagers who performed special service to their community or fellow teenagers through school or other activities. I’m 30 years old–  born 20 years after Perry Allen rocked the house down at KB. Station manager Al Anscombe had been studying the modern top40 trends in broadcasting as markets across the country felt the power of the format. These photos are from the collection of Betty Shampoe, who worked with Lorenz. With a 50,000 KW signal, Biondi's voice travelled up and down the East Coast and as far away as Europe! Biondi lost weight skulking about. The "club" included a weekly newsletter and discounts from KB advertisers. It was the first time that it have ever been done during a game in the park’s 33-year history — although legend had it that Babe Ruth once hit a ball over the scoreboard during an exhibition. Channel 4’s Chuck Healy sent film to New York that was used on a national CBS broadcast. WKBW was not the first to play rock & roll in Buffalo, nor was it the first top 40 station. Russ "The Moose" Syracuse held down the midday shift at WKBW. Listeners were asked to search for the "WKBW $200 Mystery Telephone Number," a number chosen from the Buffalo directory. Neaverth has entertained his present and former fan base by featuring his quick wit and the great memories of WKBW Radio. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation called The Strawberry Fields Festival outside Toronto “Canada’s Woodstock.”. He shared a four-hour video that was shot at the reunion– the images on this page are from that video. WKBW’s Stan Roberts talked with some of those who were turned away, including WKBW Newsman Brad Casey. After spending time at a few smaller stations, in the mid-1950s, George “Hound Dog” Lorenz took his rhythm and blues program featuring the music which would soon be known as rock ‘n’ roll to 50,000 watt WKBW Radio. From the earliest days of the internet, Steve has been writing, digitizing, and sharing the stories and images of all the things that make Buffalo special and unique. WKBW would eventually be known as “one of America’s two great radio stations.” The voices of Stan Roberts, Tom Shannon, Irv Weinstein, Danny Neaverth, Joey Reynolds, Jack Armstrong, and so many others were sent out over the four and later six towers in our backyard. Her grandson would love to hear from anyone who remembers “digging” any of the artists her grandma is pictured with here when they joined The Hound in Buffalo in the 1950s. It’s spring in Western New York. Anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 people, mostly teens and college students from the northeastern U.S., showed up for the festival at Mosport Raceway in Bowmansville, Ont. The CHUM Chart was a ranking of top 30 (and, until August 1968, the top 50) songs on Toronto, Canada, radio station CHUM 1050 AM, from 1957 to 1986, and was the longest-running Top 40 chart in the world produced by an individual radio station. Both stations are owned by Entercom Communiucations, which is in the middle of a $1.7 billion merger with CBS Radio. Its aim was to set a high moral standard for Buffalo youth and safe driving pledges, something that would be attractive to advertisers afraid that the new sounds would promote juvenile delinquency. Clint Jr, an admirer of Top 40 pioneer Gordon McClendon, utilized many of McClendon's tricks in the first years of Futuresonic Radio. Station management gave each of the new disc jockeys a membership in the Junior Chamber of Commerce and several other civic organizations in-order increase their visibility not only to listeners but to business and civic leaders who would supply KB with needed advertising dollars. "Having the good fortune of working with top talent I knew that the station was headed for the top. The first day was awesome," remembers Art Roberts. The new format included a large amount of public interest information and services. What to my wondering ear should appear but a polka, hold everything! On July 3rd, 12 beautiful models, all wearing toreador pants and banners proclaiming them to be "Miss KB" toured downtown streets and businesses distributing the station's new Top 30 tunes sheets and fliers stating, "It's Hot! A strong WBEN, and impending loss of WKBW's NBC affiliation combined with WBNY's success was enough to convince Anscombe to hire Dick Lawrence away from the small station. The answer laid in an even newer, more modern, up-to-date "formula," which according to Lawrence responded to the wide-spread, "major" appeal necessary in the highly competitive broadcasting industry of 1958. Steve's Buffalo roots run deep: all eight of his great-grandparents called Buffalo home, with his first ancestors arriving here in 1827. The outfield billboards are an interesting snapshot of life in Buffalo in 1957 as well. Cash prized ranged from $25 to $100. He got the job “because of his ability in imitating various dialects,” the Courier-Express reported, adding that he’d “often been cast in the role of the slicker in the racketbusting plays.”. The promotion worked. May he rest in peace. “A good guy, a really good guy,” Jim said, his unmistakable voice trailing off. Talks, Seminars, & Workshops by Steve Cichon, Steve Cichon’s latest in The Buffalo News, &c, &c, &c: reflections from Steve's desk, Buffalo in the 50s: The Hound’s rock ‘n’ roll memory time, From Hamburg WKBW flips the switch on rock ‘n’ roll history, Jim Fagan & Hubert Humphrey: two good guys, Buffalo in the ’60s: Luke Easter’s 500-foot home run, Buffalo in the 70s: Turned back at the Peace Bridge from “Canada’s Woodstock”, WKBW Rock’n’Roll Pioneer Perry Allen Remembered, Weatherman” jingles, along with a classic Irv Weinstein newscast. It was one of the great events in radio history. No one could ever find it until the station gave an easy clue on the air. Listeners were told to ask everyone they saw if they had the missing key for a Thunderbird that was sitting in a downtown dealership's window, and all you needed to do was find the key and start the motor.

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