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To the film crew and set designers, beautiful work. Being of Dutch descent, born in 1941, I was unaware of the Dutch Underground Resistance and what they accomplished. The movie gives a very realistic & sometimes graphic account of how a primarily civilian resistance movement not only has to outfox military intelligence, but also the craven collaborators amongst the ranks of their fellow citizens, and the consequences of such acts of heroism.

Imperfect but rewarding depiction of a wartime hero, Long Overdue Recognition of World War II Heroism.

Images/videos on this site are copyright to its respectful owners, in this case, the filmmakers. Joram Lursen’s Dutch World War II period drama The Resistance Banker is an astonishing tale of courage, duty and loyalty that everyone should watch.

But Wally does not take his advice. This, unfortunately, took the life of too many. The Resistance Banker is the story of Walraven van Hall, fondly known as ‘Wally’ to friends and family. The Resistance Banker. A big inspiration for Dutch movies is WWII : loads of great movies have been made. Parents say Kids say (1) 7/10. This movie is not bad at all but it is very disappointing to see a good story with the best actors the Dutch have to offer, is downgraded by poor editing and scripting. We all know the stories of the people who risked all to help others in WW2.

I had a lot of trouble following it especially during the middle section. The cinematography,the music. Nevertheless, the performance of most of the actors in THE RESISTANCE BANKER is decent to keep us engaged even though at times it was the slow pace was distracting. 'The Resistance Banker' (Bankier Van Het Verzet) Movie Review by Robert Cain about a year ago in movie review This more covert take on World War II resistance is a decent effort, even if it doesn't reach its emotional peak. I wasn't always clear on who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

Copyright © 2020. The Resistance Banker is made and acted with genuine commitment. So many good things about this movie. Did you know there is a way to switch to the original Dutch dialogue? They risked everything they had to save the Jews.

The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Walraven and Gijs van Hall were two of them!

He later moved to US but came back as his brother Gijs van Hall helped him finding a banking job.

Another fact that was left out is that proportionately, the Netherlands fielded the largest proportion of resistors based on population (after Poland) in all of Europe. Just a terrifying fate, a dark possibility that we all know today had come true. A full-time movie geek and part time e-learning professional. So glad this came up in the Netflix recommended section. Walraven (Wally) van Hall (10 February 1906 – 12 February 1945) was a Dutch banker and resistance leader during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. Starring: Barry Atsma, Jacob Derwig, Pierre Bokma, Genres: International Films, Dramas, Biographical Dramas.

Walraven van Hall (1906 – 1945) who led the resistance movement was born in a well-off family who initially served in marine but in 1929, but he had to leave because of his eyesight.

He loves to read, write and discuss in length about cinema and the art of filmmaking.

The Resistance Banker falls into the former category, but as a story about securing investments and financial subterfuge, ... (This review is based on the original Dutch presentation with English subtitles to ensure the actors’ performances were best appreciated.) This, unfortunately, took the life of too many. American Murder brilliantly traces behind-the-scene events that led to Chris Watts' confession of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters. Outstanding job, Cast!

Important film to be seen about these brave men and women from World War Two. As the resistance gathers momentum, the need for finances grew, and more and more Wally’s methods become bolder and bolder. I watched it on Netflix with English subtitle, so cannot say how much different it is from the original dialect. Wally van Hall was a little known hero of the Dutch Resistance against the Nazis, who fought back with courage and eventually his life, yet he was largely forgotten until recently. Lots of war violence in unique, engaging true story. The film has already garnered huge local box office success and have been nominated for a record of 12 Golden Calf nominations, the national film awards of the Netherlands Film Festival. Echt een fantastische film!

Very well casted and acted. What is even more tragic is to learn that for the longest period of time, even after the war was over, the Dutch government did not give him the honour he deserved – simply because technically speaking, his means to the end were not entirely legal, and because they constituted bank fraud and other crimes. Cinecelluloid claims no credit for any images or videos posted on this site unless otherwise noted.

The changes are baffling, because the real facts seem to me to be as compelling as the fiction created in this film.

But what is more remarkable about The Resistance Banker is that as a film, it is impeccably made.

Overall this is really engaging, even if some may think that not to be true, due to the banking nature/theme of the movie.

Living under the constant threat of being discovered, Wally is forced to stay away from his family, until one day, the Germans get to him.

Who can tell how many stories of courage and inspiration lie hidden in the forgotten chapters of an episode as important and as impactful as the Second World War? Soon after the end of the War, he was reburied at the memorial cemetery in Bloemendaal. As the other train passes by, the passengers of the first one are horrified to hear cries of help from the other one – infants weeping, mothers shrieking, husbands and father writhing in pain – all being ferried to their deaths at the nearest concentration camp. ‘Resistance Banker’ Director Depicts Secret Hero Behind ‘Biggest Bank Robbery in Dutch History’ “He was a hero that was always hidden,” Lürsen tells TheWrap of … Rating: 3/5. age 14+ Based on our expert review. Studio Ghibli Releases Photos of Its Films for Free to Download, “The Devil All the Time” (Film Review): No Place for Divine Retribution, “The OceanMaker” – An Incredible Piece of Visual Storytelling, DUNE (Trailer) – Pushes Our Imagination to Frank Herbert’s World, ‘Freaks: You’re One Of Us’ (Film Review) – Predictable, Yet Entertaining, ‘My Octopus Teacher’ – Netflix’s Science & Nature Documentary. Popular gadgets including laptop, tablet and mobile specifications, features, prices, comparison. From a time when resistance actually meant something. A story that needed to be shared.

Hello Martina, I have enjoyed watching this movie on Netflix and I assume that is where you watched it also. They saved the lives of thousands with their financial machinations.

Theirs is a sacrifice one can never forget. The two brothers excel in their profession and become renowned names, winning the trust of their clients and customers and establishing themselves in the market. A warning that we should never get into war again.

But even the best actors cannot sustain sparks in the face of superficiality and a tired theme. But something was askew with the editing and/or the way in which the story unfolded. Here there is a human being, who has to make tough decisions and we understand that some things went wrong. It is a serious film with very few light moments and that works quite well given the plot.

The Resistance Banker (2018) – Dutch Movie Starring Barry Atsma and Jacob Derwig, ‘THE CHASE’ (Korean Thriller) – Lacks a Compelling Story, THE RESISTANCE BANKER I Review I A Real Account in Nazi-occupied Netherlands. Review of Netflix's The Resistance Banker. Bankier van het Verzet, the Resistance Banker from 2018 is the true story of one of the great Dutch heroes, Walraven van Hall, who helped to finance the resistance during World War II. The film follows the real-life accounts of Dutch banker brothers Walraven and Gijs van Hall who decided to fund Dutch Resistance by defrauding the central bank. THE RESISTANCE BANKER is set on the troublesome time of the World War II and in the Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Risking his family and future, a banker in occupied Amsterdam slows the Nazi war machine by creating an underground bank to fund the resistance.

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