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wackiness that was put together as a quickie benefit for flood The tension in the Imperial Court is high, and when a palace official, Governor Pei Hong, greets Empress Wan as 'Empress Dowager', he and his family are sentenced to a violent death. However, it has all been a ploy by the agent, who has secretly been working for Boss Hung. However, everyone involved (including The cameos and walk-ons are obviously On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 36% score based on 11 critics, with an average rating of 4.48/10.[1]. Judged strictly on its cinematic merits, this "We Are the World"-like all-star project slapped together by four high-profile directors to benefit flood victims in China probably won't win many converts to the world of Hong Kong cinema, but that's hardly the point. The scheme to poison the emperor fails as the cup he was to drink out of is instead given to Qing Nu out of respect and partly of pity for her. Both aim to buy all four so they can knock them down and build hotels. Later in his chambers, a scroll drops mysteriously from the upper balcony to Wu Luan, depicting his father being murdered by his uncle by blowing poison into his ear. It was quickly filmed for a Hong Kong flood relief charity, after the Yangtze River flooded in July of that year, killing over 1,700 people and displacing many more in the eastern and southern regions of mainland China.[1]. His secret duck recipe is very tasty, but customers and staff alike have to put up with the filthy shop and Hui's cost-cutting way of ... See full summary », This big hit at the Sundance Film Festival had audiences cheering. A monk discovers his own weaknesses and finds that morality is not as simple as he had thought. It is a loose adaption of William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet and Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts, featuring themes of revenge and fate. The Gold Bauhinia Star is the highest rank in Order of the Bauhinia Star in Hong Kong, created in 1997 to replace the British honours system of the Order of the British Empire after the transfer of sovereignty to People's Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Philip Chan and Anglie Leung play a pair of cops, chasing a thief played by Tommy Wong. It received the People's Choice Award at the 4th World Film Festival of Bangkok, where it was screened two weeks before its wide release in Thailand. The principal star is Eric Tsang. The principal star is Eric Tsang. Film with a weak plot about an businessman trying to clinch a deal for the reconstruction of Kuwait after the Gulf War from a Kuwaiti prince. Starring Dicky Cheung, Kwong Wah, Wayne Lai and Evergreen Mak, the series was produced by TVB and was first broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in November 1996. It was first aired on TVB Jade in from 9 July to 31 August 1984. The core cast consists of: The character of Father Tsang has a number of staff, including a sword expert, Master Lau / Uncle Nine (Lau Kar-leung), a servant (Kara Hui), two English teachers (Eric Kot and Jan Lamb), a make-up artist Mak (Karl Maka) and a body language expert / gigolo (Simon Yam).

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