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What an absolutely gorgeous, astonishing, inspirational game of football that was: artistry, endeavour, aggression, tempo, pace, flow, surprises, drama, and a whole host of other things too. Now, it’s time to enjoy these classic games with fans across the globe. 1986 FIFA World Cup Knockout Stage of 1986 FIFA World Cup Qualified teams. 84 min Change for France, Ferreri replacing Giresse who, at 33, has understandably tired. I’m only seven years and three months old, granted, but I doubt you have either. FRANCE BEAT BRAZIL 4-3 ON PENALTIES AFTER A 1-1 DRAW, AND ARE THROUGH TO THE SEMI-FINALS OF THE 1986 WORLD CUP! Sin duda uno de los mejores partidos del mundial de México 1986. Partido que todo buen aficionado al fútbol debe tener en su emeroteca. France lost the first to West Germany four years ago, as you may have heard on the grapevine. Full-time: Brazil 1-1 France. Un encuentro con muchas alternativas y de gran igualdad entre dos equipos que tenían en común el tener su punto fuerte en presentar quizá las dos mejores liineas de medios del campeonato dotados de una enorme calidad, aunque quizá algunos de sus componentes no llegaban ya en su mejor momento, en especial del lado brasileño jugadores como Socrates, Zico o Junior. 76 min Now Brazil attack, Socrates finding Junior, who humps his cross behind. All rights reserved. 95 min Tigana turns cleverly in centrefield and finds Ferreri, who immediately lays off for Rocheteau, just outside the circle. Great match. FIFA Women’s World Cup on Twitter: Previous Video. All men on that pitch that day went far beyond being athletes, but became artists. 92 min Alemao plays a one-two with Socrates and crosses, but the (metaphorically) gigantic Tigana is there. Latest transfer news – 7 … Brazil vs. France - 21 June 1986 - Soccerway. 0. 100 min 41-year-old me has MBM’d hundreds of games, and never had to write anywhere near as many words as here. You’ll also get exclusive access to FIFA games, contests and prizes. Bahasa - Indonesia; Chinese (simplified) Deutsch; English - Australia; English - Canada; ... Brazil vs. France 1 - 1. But a slightly heavy touch allows the colossal Julio Cesar to slide in with yet another colossal challenge ... that would have been one of the great goals. FIFA Women’s World Cup on Facebook:, Copyright ©1994 - 2020 FIFA. One quick dart into Zico and suddenly he’s bearing down on it, bringing a return that’s deft but sightly behind him into his stride! 86 min Credit where it’s due, Brazil have been exceptional after the missed penalty. Can you tell me a better match than this one? So are we! FERNANDEZ SCORES! I Dislike This Un-Dislike 0 Please Login to Vote. I wonder whether, had he and Giresse played their best stuff at the same time, France would have had this game won already. 1986 sezonunda Estadio Jalisco (Guadalajara) stadyumunda oynanan Brazil vs. France maçını (World Cup Quarter-finals) Footballia'da izleyin! And canonisation. But with only Bats to beat, he doesn’t get enough on his finish! Wherever he may perambulate, on land or sea or atmospheric vapour, you will always hear him chanting this melody, indicate the route to his habitual abode. The top two placed teams from each of the six groups, plus the four best-placed third teams, qualified for the knockout stage. But the ball breaks to Stoprya! İnternet'in ilk ücretsiz ve interaktif futbol maçı koleksiyonu. And a goal, but we don’t want that because we’re about to be granted another 30 minutes of this. Live the #WorldCupAtHome:, Matchday Live - Argentina vs England, Mexico 1986:, Relive other iconic #WorldCup matches in full:, More from Mexico 1986:, Classic #WorldCup stories:, What makes the #WorldCup so great:, One to Eleven | The FIFA World Cup Film:, Get your football fill from FIFA: 91 min Off we go again. Group Winners Runners-up Third-placed teams ... Brazil vs France. The corner comes to nothing. 91 min Of course, if we’re still all-square after extra-time, we will have the second penalty shootout in World Cup history. Summary; H2H Comparison; Venue He consumed an alcoholic beverage 60 minutes ago, and it’s permeated right to his cerebrum. I Like This Unlike 0 Please Login to Vote. Revive el partido completo Brazil vs. France de Quarter-finals de la World Cup de 1986 celebrado en Estadio Jalisco (Guadalajara) en Footballia In the end, Platini overhits a pass, but the principle is worth preserving. He twists in mid-air to get bonce around ball, forcing a decent contact, but Bats parries away again. And yes, I definitely would (would’ve done). Bir sorunuz varsa, lütfen, J. 21 June 1986. 88 min The first half was high-level, but the second has been celestial – it’s had everything but a fight. I need to take on board fluids as a matter of urgency. Was that nerves, trying to be too precise? El mejor partido de la historia del fútbol, sin discusión. PLATINI SENDS HIS KICK OFF TO BUTTON MOON! With European nations not allowed to host after the previous World Cup in Spain, Colombia had been originally chosen to host the competition by FIFA but, largely due to economic reasons, was not able to do so and officially resigned in 1982. 92 min Platini’s shirt is so untucked and his shorts are so short is looks like he’s not wearing any. 77 min Now Bossis charges forward at inside-right, a lovely touch-and-turn taking him past Junior. Gran partido de Platini, Tigana y un enorme Amoros, un gran lateral derecho que hizo un extraordinario partido. As it bounces across him, his eyes light up, and he can’t help but mash a slice that flies off to wherever. Her zaman, her yerde... Bu bölüm maç hakkında yorum yapmak içindir. All rights reserved. 90 min And still they go at it! 94 min And France immediately launch a counter. Brasil dejó muestras de su enorme calidad con una jugada para el recuerdo, la que supuso el primer gol del encuentro, una sublime combinación rápida y precisa que rompio la defensa francesa. Motty chides him for his casualness, but I’d wager the problem is actually that he’s fatigued and has a desire to retire. Thing is, one moment from him and that’s the game settled. 101 min Silas finds Socrates, whose first touch is off. 100 min France make their second and final change, Bellone replacing Rocheteau. 79 min I’m a massive fan of Amoros and Bossis ... and there’s the former, driving just wide from 20 yards. 89 min It’s so gratifying to see both sides giving everything to get a winner, no thought of regrouping for extra time. This will allow you to make the most of your account with personalization. BON ANNIVERSAIRE! 81 min Elzo finds Careca, who works the ball into the box for Zico but can’t quite bundle his way through a pair of challenges to get off a shot. FIFA Women’s World Cup on Instagram: Who suddenly stamps on the gas and beats Silas, then sneaks through the tiny gap between Elzo and Alemao with a sensational soft-shoe shuffle, and he’s in! Brazil v France: World Cup 1986 quarter-final – live! Brazil 2-3 France. First published on Tue 28 Apr 2020 13.45 EDT. He then checks, diddling Bossis again, only to roll his square-ball straight to Tigana, in the right place again. Careca lobs a ball into the box and no one attacks it, so it bounces into the path of Junior hanging out on its right side. OH LA LA! The more intense the game has got, the more influential he’s been in it. Al final decidieron los penaltis. Una partita fantastica, senza nessuna squadra dominante, ma con due ottime Francia e Brasile che giocano dall'inizio alla fine per vincere. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Tele Santana replaces the excellent Junior – he must be finished - with Silas. Watch the 1986 Brazil vs. France World Cup Quarter-finals full match held at Estadio Jalisco (Guadalajara) on Footballia Today, we’re taking you back to an iconic quarter-final clash at Mexico 1986: Brazil-France!

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