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of office space since the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, which further threatens property owners and landlords but could benefit the BPO sector with lower office rents and reduced competition. As outsourcing is all the rage today, many CEOs, project managers or CIOs might be interested in outsourcing software development to a third country. And yet, there are too many drawbacks that can hold Thailand’s IT outsourcing industry down. But before getting to that, you need to have an overview of the location that you choose, or as CMC Global says, the industrial landscape in one particular country. You can now watch a replay of OS2020’s six sessions here, or read the event summary here. Please check your inbox now to complete the quotation. *The Ease of Doing Business Index is a benchmark of the conduciveness of a country’s regulatory requirements for conducting business operations. Moreover, most South American professionals tend to have stronger teamwork since they communicate more openly and directly. Here is a brief summary of pros and cons of the top ten outsourcing service destinations in Asia. The Economy; Competitiveness; Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in 2020 “Manufacturing competitiveness, increasingly propelled by advanced technologies, is converging the digital and … Talk to an expert about your offshore staffing needs, today. Further, the DTI wants to implement the country’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) road map next year, saying it would cover the agribusiness, manufacturing and services sectors. In Africa, the IT market is newly discovered, thus facing a problem of experienced specialists lacking. The most important element to be considered is, of course, your hired offshore software development team. Read also: How Application Outsourcing can benefit business expansion. According to a research conducted in 2016 by the Primer, the Philippines ranked 13th in the English Proficiency Index worldwide and 3rd among Asian countries. Get the world’s leading outsourcing news summary – Inside Outsourcing – delivered to your inbox each week. According to Outsource Accelerator’s Founder and CEO Derek Gallimore, “I have a lot of confidence in the growth of outsourcing. But most importantly, Brazil has two most critical things to rank itself on CMC Global’s list of top outsourcing countries, which are nearshore location and the potential of IT resources. Most companies in this region have perks that are hard to beat, such as insignificant time zone differences and geographical proximity. Sharing the same strength in English fluency, Thailand is quite a competitive player in the Asia outsourcing game. Get the world's leading outsourcing news summary, Inside Outsourcing, delivered to your inbox each week, for free. Besides that huge number of personnel, Vietnam also offers another good deal for software development outsourcing services: low cost with convenient geographic location. Connect with an outsourcing expert to see how outsourcing can transform your business. In Argentina, a developer usually charges  $30-50 per hour. Therefore, their work styles, business approaches, and problem-solving mindset are quite identical to their customer, making it easier for collaboration and a sustainable partnership. Most customers coming to Thailand are in search of software development solutions such as IT consulting, mobile application development, software quality assurance or testing, web design, digital marketing, etc. However, Indians have some barriers that they are still struggling to overcome. The University of the Philippines (UP) OCTA Research team this week reported that the number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines have been decreasing. In South America, most countries are strongly influenced by European civilizations in terms of culture. The good news is that career opportunities in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector are still available and even growing. With many similarities in working style and mindset, clients coming from the West can effortlessly interact with the external development team. Due to this, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) secretary Ramon Lopez said that the country must continue to reopen business activities to bring back jobs and the vibrant Philippine economy. Manila, the Philippines’ capital is considered the second-best city when it comes to software outsourcing on a global scale by Tholons Globalization Index. The Outsourcing Summit 2020 (OS2020), held on 8 October, has been a huge success.Nearly 2,000 … And yet, you can have this problem solved by hiring a reputable IT outsourcing company. Read our Case studies: IT services CMC Global can bring to your business. It depends on the budget, requirements, and services standard of each client on service price, developer quality or quantity. Even the price for outsourcing services of European companies is often higher than their competitors coming from Africa or Asia, you can expect a pretty lower cost in comparison to their counterparts in the West. Moreover, Chinese outsourcing agencies are offering a lower service cost than any other country around the world and even across Asia. This country has been boarding over 60,000 Romanians working in the local outsourcing sector. A confirmation email has been sent to your inbox now. With more than 250,000 IT professionals, and around 23,000 new IT graduates to be on board each year, such an ideal place and a large talent pool guarantee this country as a good selection for any companies interested in Brazil outsourcing. The year 2020 … According to Grand View Research, the market size for global outsourcing will reach $405.6 Billion by 2027. In other news, property consultant Colliers International recently reported that Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) have vacated 123,000 square meters (sq.m.) Limited regional connectivity, lack of competitiveness, and poor transport infrastructure are bottlenecks in, Government’s unlimited surveillance powers put, The Privacy Act 2018 is in effect but there are, The IT-BPO is identified as a priority sector under the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 due to its job generating capabilities that can bring at least, Various government programs are being implemented to attract investors in the, The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recognizes the competence of service-type businesses such as software development and back office services among others, hailing the industry as a ‘, The government shows its support for the outsourcing industry by putting enacting, Global trade players with outsourcing partners in the country are given assurance that they can ‘, Given its position as a regional financial hub in Asia, the city-state is a target of, Data breach in big companies is attributed to, Government-subsidized educational programs to better equip its young workforce with the, Taiwan’s internet speed is the fastest in the world thanks to the government’s, Weak enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act makes it, There is commitment to become a leader in the, Its data privacy act just came into effect, Heavy investment in education are done to ensure at least, Infrastructure development projects such as the, Cyber-criminals are getting better and becoming more aggressive at what they do in order, High downtime is rampant in businesses due to.

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