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Beauty Of Kashmir.

Photoshoot of a cute, little, 6 months old baby “Hanika” in Udaipur. Kashmir is the land of beauty. I am really happy to learn that you liked my work. You are my half-chilled soup, minced cilantro, my zaman pilaf. The Mughals called Kashmir ‘Paradise on Earth’ where they journeyed across the hot plains of India, to the cool valleys in summer. The Marvellous place of Kashmir is known for its extravagant natural beauty that attracts the tourists from all over the world. When Almond trees blossom and field of multicolored tulips bloom, spring is not only in the air, but all around. Visitors must not leave the Kashmir valley, without conquering twin lakes: Tarsar and Marsar. Yes indeed, the trip was awesome and we (myself and Swati) found new friends in you and Garima. In spring and summer, the honey-dewed orchards, rippling lakes and blue skies beckon every soul to sample the many delights the mountains and valleys have to offer. Half-eaten pomegranate in General Sahib's fridge. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); is your guide to quirky, weird and beautiful places to visit around the world. India has a lot to offer to visitors: famous Taj Mahal and Hawa Mahal, forts, palaces and temples. God has sanctified all the beauty of nature on Kashmir only, Kashmir acts like a magnet for tourists visiting India. These sloppy mountains share a common boundary with Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. Coming to the point now. Although a lot of book chapters from my school days and picturesque scenes from Bollywood movies inspired me to spend this beautiful time with my wife there in Kashmir, I also had some hesitation in booking my air tickets considering the history of terrorist attacks in and around the region in the recent past. Please have a look at some of the selected photographs that I took in Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg. There is not shortage for such fun filled activities here the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the region which widely varies with the people and climate. It always offers you panoramic views of the beautiful nature. Architecture of Kashmir- Beauty amidst chaos 6 Mins Read. Dishes: The Kashmir people love rice. Photo by No words to explain the beauty of the Kashmir Valley and your clicks. ( Log Out /  An inspiration for so much art, music and poetry, Kashmir is paradise; a nature lover’s wonderland and a shopper’s dream come true. Amazing collection of clicks Anshul!Way to go. Over there, one can instantly feel the sense of security and calmness which is missing in most part of the North-Middle India. All Rights Reserved. Language: Kashmiri people speak Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, hindko. . . Tourism is the backbone of Kashmir’s economy, Natures has lavishly endowed Kashmir with certain distinctive favours which hardly find a parallel in any land of world. It is such a beautiful place with valleys, water streams, snow-covered Himalayan mountains, vast saffron fields, apple orchards and floral gardens. ( Log Out /  Please consider these images as a “glimpse of beauty of Kashmir” as I didn’t have the time to capture the entire beauty and emotions that lie in its heart. . Enough of blabbering. Your email address will not be published. WhatsApp. It is one of the favourite destinations of tourists. , Thanks a lot, Danial, for your appreciation. I am on my way. Change ), Popular Hill Station In India – Munnar, Kerala. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute any of the images, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Anshul Sukhwal @ ClicksToRemember. The nature over there gives more peace of mind and the positive energy in oneself, it makes you feel fresh. Please feel free to send in your comments and feedback to me. they say in all how awesm dat place and more than that those children. In autumn seasons, Kashmir’s loveliest season, is towards September, when green turns to gold and then to russet and red this seasons attracts the tourists towards this valley. Rugs are a lot worthy products. Kashmir is growing as a favourite holiday spot, especially in summer. , Awesome pics bro. The division of British India created two independent colonies: India and Pakistan. Tibetans called it Khachal, meaning "snowy mountain". Since then, the region has been a subject of a territorial dispute between India, Pakistan and China. Sometime back, I happened to visit Kashmir. Bittersweet chukunder. Your email address will not be published. Kashmir is the very beautiful place in India which is located in the northern India between the valley of Great Himalaya and Pir Panjal Mountain. It is about 85 miles long and 20 miles wide. It is also rich in culture and tradition and people overe there are very gentle, caring and friendly. ( Log Out /  along the gentle slopes. IELTS (Academic & General Training) Formats. . However, the Kashmir valley is administered by India. People eat rice a lot. I took this trip as an opportunity to capture the beauty of Kashmir and show it to you all. The valley can be visited year round, but spring is the best time to really appreciate nature’s artistry. mashallah. It is one of the favourite destinations of tourists. . However, clearing all the negativities, I finally went ahead with the decision of spending my Honeymoon in Kashmir. Facebook. Yeah, will surely keep posting new photos. First, it was a hub of Hinduism and Buddhism and later Muslim religions. No wonder all these reasons, and many more, make Kashmir a popular tourist destination. Keep it up. Kashmir flourished on the composite values of humanism and tolerance, which is known as Kashmiriyat and is rich for its cultural heritage which amalgamates the values and beliefs of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians. Azad Kashmir is part of the Kashmir region. Oh yes, I remember it clearly now. This is the place which is known as ‘Paradise on Earth’, due to its magnificent beauty. A Café That Looks Like A Gigantic Vintage Camera, The Door to Hell: an Everlasting Burning Crater.

Truly had fun reading this post.

Kashmir is growing as a favourite holiday spot, especially in summer. Pics r beautyful. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Priya. can be downloaded by visiting the link Reading! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Heaven on Earth! It is and has been a land of rivers, lakes and wildflowers.The Jhelum River runs the entire length of the valley.

Beautiful photos of a family from their photoshoot in Udaipur. Required fields are marked *. I hope you will like these images and would want to spend your next holidays in this region. You’re right! Your email address will not be published. Houseboats: House boats are the beauty of Kashmir .Many tourists are attracted to the Srinagar with the charm of staying at houseboat which provides them living over water in elegant bedrooms and all the luxuries provided in hotel. From the ancient times, the Kashmir region has been very important religious center. Kashmir Valley is God’s most precious gift to Pakistan. Twitter. Coming to the point now. Enchanting Beauty of Kashmir never fails to attract tourist from all over the world. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Sakina. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Google+. In spring and summer seasons, the beauty of Kashmir is at its peak .during summer seasons, the whole valley is a mosaic of varying shades of green trees, rice fields, meadows, trees, etc. The nature over there gives more peace of mind and the positive energy in oneself, it makes you feel fresh. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In the summer the weather is warm, so climbing mountains, trekking, swimming or rafting in the lakes and rivers is a must. 0. Kashmir is surrounded with High Mountains, sloppy peaks, chilling springs, unspoiled forests. Blessed with nature’s finest views, the thriving meadows, alpine mountains, and the gushing clear water make Kupwara a must-visit destination in Kashmir.

Today Srinagar is a best resort for the tourist who can experience the marvelous beauty of the valley that has attracted the Chinese, the Mughals and the British to its beauty. In the winter seasons snow covers this landscapes being watched from beside the warmth of a fire is a joy that cannot be described and no words for it to explain anyone who has not experienced it. I went there along with my wife for our Honeymoon.

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